200,000 Visits

To everyone, thank you for the 200,000 unique visits. Please take this gift from me as a sign of gratitude for all the love and support though these years. Okay, let’s stop this mushy stuff and grab your gift! And as always, click to copy.


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    Ang galing mo talagang mag edit ng graphics. Very creative! La lang, natuwa lang ako..

    You just got accepted to Blog Profit? I thought you were accepted ahead of me?

    I was accepted before as a “referrer” but not as someone who would actually post their advertisers’ links. Happy to say though that finally I got accepted to do the latter! Weeee!!

  2. euri, may nilagay ka bang file dun sa account ko ng ftp ng .pureftpd-upload.45acc2be.15.7120.2b692f6b at .pureftpd-upload.45acc2bc.15.711a.28f23fea?

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