Free WIFI Connection

To those people who lives in and/or goes to Balibago, Angeles City, I would like to announce that there is a free 15-minute really fast WIFI (yes, wireless) Internet connection at the following selected places: Fields Avenue, Diamond Subdivision and SM Clark (not quite in Angeles. >.<). This is a newly installed feature by the ComClark Network and Technology Corporation. This would only stay free for a period of time. Well, according to my brother, this would stay only until the prepaid cards are available for purchase.

This new flash is brought to you by my brother who works there. 😆 Since I have no laptop much more with a WIFI connector, I can’t pretty much use this info. Also, I live on the opposite side. >.<

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  1. Interesting. Although I think I’d stick to my dial-up connection of PhP100/20hrs than go to Angeles City for a 15-minute free ride. LOL.

    Kidding :p

  2. Aah. Well, we have ADSL. I don’t think you know what is means, ah, anyway =p

    I’m waiting for my “Starfacs: J-rock” to arrive. It’s this special edition of a German Magazine dedicated to Jrock. 84 pages of hotness =D

  3. hello! this is my first tym to visit your site! hehe, kewl! anyways.. about your topic, its sounds interesting just that I’m not able to go there since angeles is too far away from laguna. hehehe. btw, thanks for droppin’ by at my blog.. have a nice day! 🙂

  4. oh btw, you were the one who told me at misteryosa’s blog to research for the meaning of “ethics”. right? yeah, you got me insulted but anyways, you visited my site so i’m giving you back the comment you gave me, two times. hehehe. i’m not looking for a fight or anything but in the other side, i just want to show an appreciation for you, who visited my site, even though that i just recently saw the comment you made.. ethics is ethics anyways.. a kind of principles or rules we must respect. that’s all, again, have a nice life i mean day.. lol. just kidding! peace man! hehehe. 😀

  5. wow. that was so nice for you.. hehehe sorry po.. for the words that i said, yeah i meant some of it but not all, i’m just a type of person that cannot hide the feelings that i’m having. sorry dude. hehehe. btw, i didn’t replied on misteryosa’s site ’cause i don’t wanna comment about the issue anymore, btw, anne is one of my online friends. please don’t be confused if i went to her side. thanks btw for your kind undestanding, my friend.. 😉

  6. dontcha wori girlilette, mina won’t even bother to start a fight because its just a waste of her precious golden time.. hehehehe. 😉

  7. Awww yay! ate Euri! good for the people in angeles city! i wanna go there na! pero im contented na here sa smart broadband ko lmao. hahaha! miss u!

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