Sana Maulit Muli

Note: This is not a rant nor it is a review. I just wanna comment about it.

Last night, I was waiting for “some people” to finished watching TV so that I may continue watching my ever so waited Bleach episode. I noticed this certain drama series called Sana Maulit Muli. Frankly, I don’t watch the series but since I happened to saw yesterday’s episode, I promised myself to blog about it today.

There was this girl called Jasmine who ran across the streets and was caught in an accident. She was hit by a bus head-on, vomited an amount of blood, and there was blood all over her head. After the hit, it took her approximately 5 seconds to turn around and stare at the bus that hit her and then finally collapsed. Do people who get hit normally do that? O.o I could only wonder. Anyway, as soon as she collapsed, it took her boyfriend for about a minute to run to her, where in fact, he was there all along and saw the entire bumping scene before his eyes. He’s excused though, it might have been a shock to him so his brain couldn’t respond as quick. He then spent a few more minutes (approximately about 3 minutes) of shaking her and asking her of how is she. Of course she’s in pain, and that’s given, even though she doesn’t look like in pain to me. It also took him for about 5 minutes to cry and tell her that she’s going to be okay. When you think about the situation where you were bumped by a bus, you wont be okay. After that, she spoke. She told him a lot of things like how she loves him despite that there are a lot of people going against them and also the “poknat” thing. I didn’t get that poknat part so don’t ask me. He even asked her to repeat “I love you” for how many times was that, again? To sum it all up, it took them for about 10 minutes to finish that dying mushy conversation. And to sum it all up, it took approximately 20 minutes for that entire scene to happen. And again, when you were actually hit by a bus, not to mention hitting you head-on, would you even have the chance to last as far as 10 minutes?

Then again, since “angels” (the janitor) exist in that series, maybe the dying time was prolonged? O.o

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  1. Do not watch it. That show is evil! X-P ❗ I mean it stars Kim Chiu (sp?)… She can hardly even act and her voice is Über annoying. good thing you didn’t pay much attention to her voice. It would’ve made your skin crawl ^_^

  2. @ Shari ~
    Minsan na nga alang ako manood ng TV, nakakawalang gana pa. Channel 2 talaga.

    Naalala ko tuloy yung setting ng Panday. Yung simbahan nila dun, walang ilaw. I mean, there aren’t any flourecent nor bulb there. They use “candles” and “lamps” to light things. Tipong, Spanish Colony era ba. Tapos, I saw an electic socket behind an antique cabinet? O.o

    @ Ira ~
    Wait, who the heck is “Kim Chiu”? I don’t even know her! My goodness! I gotta watch TV more. Napag-iiwanan na ko ng panahon.

  3. I watched the episode, too. Well, I was waiting for Princess Hours and just happened to see the entire episode of “Sana Maulit Muli.” Out of pure curiosity. Haha.

    Yeah, it was really unbelievable that the girl could even talk after being hit head-on by a bus. I was pretty amazed by the amount of blood on her head, and that’s that, nothing more. I thought that the series would be good, since there’s this morbid thing and all.. but it apparently turned otherwise. >.

  4. (er.. putol ung cpmment.. T_T’) to continue..

    And one more thing that’s shocking, too. The guy’s brother hurried off to get the car to send her to the hospital… but it took him roughly 20 minutes to get the car. My god. she would have been better off dead from the very start, than wasting goddamn 20 minutes for that single scene. Gawd.

    Channel 2 never had good series these days. And there’s another one coming up – “Rounin”, I think, is the title..

    Rounin/Ronin means “wanderer”, right? ^^;

  5. Oh I know how it feels. Some girl at my school got hit by a truck at the crossing near my school. It wasn’t a good view =/

    My Jrock Starfacts arrived =D 84 pages of pure Jrock with lots of pictures and interviews. A special about D’espairsRay and Moi Dix Mois. Malice Mizer and Gackt are also featured, as well as Dir en grey and MUCC =D

    My dad’s supposed to show me how his scanner works. Some of the pictures are worth to be scanned and loved

  6. Well, Filipino TV IS Filipino TV. Gotta love it, story loopholes, retarded dialogue and all, even though it’s hard to.

  7. haha! I didnt get to watch it yesterday

    anyhow, re “When you think about the situation where you were bumped by a bus, you wont be okay.” -> there are some people whose reaction is to comfort the one in pain (though they know in pain… partly because they know they couldnt do anything to ease/relieve the pain).

    However, 20 minutes is indeed very long for a person to finally give in to death after hitting by a bus head-on! hahaha.. from what I know, when a bus hit you, the bus driver will make sure your a dead meat! hahahah.. oh well… kaya nga palabas eh.. fictional in some sense. Obviously, pinatagal lang ng director yun scene para ituloy ang episode the next day. kaya minsan nakakainis din manood ng mga telenovelas kasi para lang patagalin nila, unrealistic na yun nilalagay nila.. heheheh…

  8. Alam mo ate i was about to blog about that too kasi mama ko sabi nia “Anu ba yang pinapanood niyo she nickname ko . bakit naman ganun? naghihingalo na yang babae hindi pa nila dalhin sa hospital? ang pangit ng episode na yan nakakaawa yang girl ” sabi ng mom ko. kasi minsan ang OA na rin ng mga palabas parang tingin nila sa mga nanonood eh mga TANGA. eh kung sa reality may maghihintay ba ng 20 minutes bago dalhin sa hospital. eh bus na kaya nakabangga nun may time pa silang mag kwentuhan nakakainis. naalala ko tuloy yung isang palabas ng GMA naman pero ung naaksidente din ung girl tapos eh ang ginwa lang ng lalakeng kasama nia eh iyak ng iyak. ay naiinis ako dun. nakakainis talaga pag ganun hay… i agree sau ALOT.

  9. Amateur actors. What would you expect from Pinoy Big Brother winners who have had no formal training or workshops or whatever? Our helpers are totally obsessed with that show.

  10. About the show.. I think the plot is similar to the story of “If only..” a hollywood movie starred by jenniffer love hewitt and a guy which isn’t familiar into my eyes. a guy given a chance to turn back time and correct his mistakes to the girl he loves so dearly.. 🙂

  11. I like that show even though sometimes it’s OA. The actors are not that bad. With a few more training they can be good. I’d rather see these new fresh faces than the ones who are children of other veteran actors who are just riding on their parents’ popularities and do not have talent at all.

  12. You guys are all losers.You can’t catch up Filipino shows so quick.Sana Maulit Muli has to be like that.You don’t get it or you are just pretending not to understand the show.American teleseries are different. Some filipinos who are living in the US are feeling Americans.They even hate filipino shows.If you watched SMM from the pilot episode,you’ll understand why it all happen. If you don’t catch it then you are the most idiot among the all idiots.

  13. hi ate kim ang cute nyo pati c gerald his so nice guy and you too
    ang ganda ganda ng sana maulit muli wala akong pinapalampas khit isang episode nakakabaliw eh

  14. Hi din sayo Travis. Hindi ako si Kim. Hindi ko rin kilala si Gerald. Ah? maganda ba and Sana Maulit Muli? Good for you at hindi ka kabilang sa mga “idiots” na tulad ko, diba Sansie?

  15. I watch for entertainment not to look for faults. You are an idiot if you don’t notice the faults of some American films.

  16. I blog for my own self expression regardless if people agree with me or not. You are an idiot if you do not understand this. I think, my argument is better than yours, no?

    Not all people could find faults in TV series and films. I just happened to be rather observant of that certain show since it annoyed me to the point that I wanted to throw my brother’s TV. It is not right to call people an idiot by just that. I think you are being rather emotional just because you like the TV series that I, bluntly, do not like. Not all people have the same taste anyway.

  17. Exactly! ” Not all people have the same taste anyway “. I say you are an idiot if you blog to express yourself and to be read by thousands of people and never expect some people to disagree or get upset with your comments. I would say you’re the one emotional, so don’t bother to post int the internet if you’re not prepared to these kind of comments.

  18. Okay, first, you need to clarify your comprehension before you comment. I said:

    I blog for my own self expression regardless if people agree with me or not.

    I did not state that people disagreeing with me aren’t allowed. Right?

    Whenever you blog, it is expected that there are always people who agree with you and go against you. Kaya nga it’s called blogging. Also, I did stated in this site’s regulations that:

    This site may contain explicit materials that are brought up from one’s free thought, opinion and point of view that may be offensive to others. Continue at your will and read at your own discretion. If you find yourself offended here, feel free to click the X button and leave.

    Before I even started blogging, I posted that as a warning. although, even though I said that you leave if you are offended, I am very happy to read reactions like that of yours because they amuse me.

  19. :smile:for me the twist of the story is good….what matters most is the content ofthe story

  20. well,that’s how it goes,they let people think stereotypically and napapasakay nila ung mga viewers at nadadala pa.sana gumawa na lang sila ng scenes na realistic di ba?

  21. Yeah. I do watch discovery channel. ^_^ That’s my favorite channel too, you know. You can learn a lot of things there.

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