DMC: Devil May Cry Out Today!


Everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of Capcom’s Devil May Cry series. So ever since the  announcement of this new DMC coming up, last 2010 Tokyo Game Show, I’ve been anticipating its next announcement – the date of its release. And today is that release! Well, this release date goes for North America and Europe though, and it’ll be January 18th 2012 for the Japan release date.

dmc-devil-may-cry-danteDMC: Devil May Cry is the newest hack and slash video game developed by Ninja Theory (yes, well, not the usual Capcom this time) and published by Capcom. that features a whole new different Dante. The story is set in a city called Limbo City, a city in a parallel universe from our usual DMC series. The Dante of this new series has totally no relation with the old bad-ass alpha male Dante we had. In fact, I’m not quite sure if I dig this new Dante, personality wise. The new Dante is a bit of a douche though he’s still the usual lazy, bad-ass. Oh and his hair is different too.

While in the old series, Dante starts the series with him lazing around and then chasing demons after, in this new series, it starts of with Dante lazing around and then, being chased off by demons who are attempting to kill him. While on the run, he meets this girl named Kat who brings him to an organization called “The Order” where he helps them fight the Limbo City’s demons and uncover the truth behind his birth and everything else that matters.

This new game will feature the same style game play as the old DMC games with a bit of changes such as buffering to create combo attacks and the new Angel and Devil Mode for our beloved Dante where he could switch between Devil and Angel mode to progress through the story line.

Here’s an official trailer of the game play!

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  1. asdfhjdklfakdfjomfj;a!!!! I so want to play this toooooo!!
    I hope i can! XD Anyways, Question! So is this gonna be like a re-start of the DMC series? They change everything right? O.O I kinda miss the white haired Dante XD

    1. Yep, they changed everything. It’s like a DMC reset. Dami ngang fans na nagreact about sa reset. Personally, I like the old Dante better. Medyo may pagkadouche kasi ang Dante na ito, or is it just me? XD

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