GoPets shut down.


I drew you in your best kimono. I love you. And I’ll miss you so much.

Bye bye. ='(

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  1. You just turned 4 years old last November 6th. You were so cute. You loved eating maki and drinking juice. You hated taking baths. You we’re totally in love with the <a href=””” rel=”nofollow”>DDR I bought for you.

  2. I remember when I used to save my allowances just so that I could buy ePoints to buy a premium account so I could get you lots of stuff like yummy food, new dresses, and new toys.

  3. I remembered that first dress I bought for you was the Egyptian dress and crown set. It suit you so well that I felt the need to buy you a black wig along with it.

  4. I also remembered that one time I fed you Bicol Express. You were so mad at me because it was way too hot that you ended up chugging down 7 bowls of water.

  5. I had no idea that they were closing. Wow. Di ko na nacheck si Booboo ko. Pareho ito sa Gunbound account kong nawala na lang bigla, di ko lang man nalaman. Tried to login just now, too late. Kelangan ko na pala itong i-uninstall. Sayang naman, ilang taon na rin yung pusang yun, nabilhan ko na nga ng kotse at meron pa syang chinese obsidian dragon.

  6. Ed,
    Ako rin. Nalaman ko nalang na mag close sila when it was too late. =(

    Ganun din sa Gunbound ko, nagkaron pala ng migration, hindi ko man lang alam. But, oh well…

  7. Funny thing is, our cats look strikingly similar, except mine has a black spot on his left eye. Or maybe all pets in GoPets all look alike, and i’m just unobservant, haha. He was over 4 years old too. I already miss him, “created” him after my most beloved cat whom I lost a long time ago who had the same name. They also looked similar. I miss him already.

  8. Xian,
    Yeah, well, technically, she died because the GoPets servers are now down. =(

    Aww… I would love to see your cat too… hugs

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