My First Batch of Android Apps

A few days back, I blogged about my new Samsung Galaxy W and what I like and do not like about it. This time, I’ll be sharing the first batch of Andoid apps I installed and recommend.

Useful Apps:

  • GO Launcher EX –- It’s a launcher to change themes and such, I’m very particular about themes.
  • GO SMS Pro –- It’s an app my friends suggested and use. It makes sending SMS more interesting. You can change themes too, and it also has a chat (requires internet access) but it slows down your phone, doesn’t connect right most of the time, and sometimes hangs up your phone.
  • App 2 SD -– It helps you to move your apps to SD cards easier so your mobile doesn’t run out of space.
  • QR Droid -– It lets you scan QR codes. I have a habit of scanning random QR codes when I see them. Sometimes, I find interesting stuff when I do.
  • TweetDeck -– Though there are tons of Twitter apps out there, I opt to go with the official one, with more functions than the default app.
  • Facebook for Android -– Also the official one.
  • Tiny Flashlight + LED –- It’ll come in handy, promise.
  • Viber –- This is one of my favorites. This app is for exchanging stupid text messages with friends the VOIP way! This is way better than the always fucking up Skype app. I can chat with my friends from other countries using this, as long as I know their mobile numbers. The only thing I do not like about it is that you can’t log off it for whatever reason. If you choose not to receive message from it, the only option you got is to ‘Deactivate’ your account. Also, you can’t send text messages to people who’s not added on your phonebook, but you can call them.
  • Dropbox –- Yes, it has an app and you better check it out. Although, when you install this app and logged in to your account, it will sync everything. My solution was to create a new Dropbox account and sync a particular folder it to my other Dropbox account.
  • Green Power -– It manages my WiFi to only connect at certain periods to sync emails and stuff and disconnect after. It also checks if the WiFi it’s trying to connect to has good signal. If it’s lower that the threshold you set, it disconnects. This way, you can save more battery.
  • Camera 360 Ultimate –- By far, the coolest free camera app I’ve encountered. It has lots of features like Retro, LOMO, Light Color B&W, etc. My favorite was the sketch. You can turn your image into a sketch!
  • Camera ZOOM FX –- It’s the “best camera app for Android” according to a lot of sites. It has more features and options than Camera 360 Ultimate, though you need to download the other packs. It’s great, but you have to pay for it. Although, it’s really a money well spent kind of app.
  • SoundHound -– It’s a really cool app that scans a song that you hear, say, along the way to work, and tells you the title and the artist with the lyrics of the song.
Not So Useful Apps:
  • Google Sky Map -– It’s a useless app, but I like it anyway. It shows you the stars, planets, etc. above you and stuff.
  • Galaxy Tarot –- The thing I like about this app is that you can pick your cards yourself and that the card is the classic set. It reads and translate your spread using tarotpedia. Though, I suggest you to just get this one instead of the other Galaxy Tarot Pro which is a paid one. The only difference it has with the paid one is that you can freely change the background image to whatever image you like including live wallpapers, which doesn’t really have anything to do with the reading itself, and that the free one has ads.
  • PocketDex Free -– For some reason, this disappeared from the Market. But it’s a complete PokeDex listing all the Pokemons, their complete stats including info like STR, DEF etc. and all the possible skills it can acquire.
  • Androidify -– It’s an app made by Google to make your own Android avatar.
  • TamaDroid – It’s a tamagochi app. And not just any tamagochi app, the classic, pixelated one too!
  • Field Runners HD –- It’s a game where you have to make different strategies to prevent soldiers, tanks, helicopters from going in your base.
  • Monopoly –- It’s the classic game of Monopoly. This is my favorite childhood board game. You have to know this game, you have to! If you don’t know this game, you’re missing half your life. Like seriously.
  • Uno -– The same as above, it’s the classic Uno game that you can bring wherever you go. Also one of my favorite games as a kid.
  • Pacman -– Of course, the classic game of Pacman. Maneuvering this apps controls is hard as shit, so I do not really play it. Except, perhaps those few days that I actually tried it and spend half a day figuring out how to best use it. Nonetheless, I need it in my apps drawer just for the vanity of having it.
  • Pooyan -– And my old time favorite FamiCom game, Pooyan. I actually play this every so often. There’s also the Charlie Circus, but it’s hard to catch the timing of Charlie’s jumps. So I gave up on it after a while.

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  1. Why do I feel envious even though I already have a new phone? ;–; I wish Blackberry will make more cool free apps. Its so boring haha but I can’t do anything about it. I just love Blackberry so much. Samsung Galaxy phones are really cool and they are fast too. Hopefully I get Viber soon. They need to hurry up because my BB is waiting for it haha!

  2. nanghinayang ako, pero oks lang naman kasi sakto lang pera ko pero sana ganyan nalang din binili ko XD wakeekeke~ sa susunod na lang siguro 😀 heehee!

  3. Try niyo rin ang OsmAnd. Navigation and map software that uses OpenStreetMap instead of the almost-useless Google Maps app. May offline function rin XD

  4. “almost-useless Google Maps app”

    care to explain why? I’ve been using Google Maps a lot especially when I’m lost.

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