Kawaii Heavens No More

As of today, I’m about to shut down our last remaining download server. Thus, I’m officially announcing our group’s disbandment.

Though we’re technically an inactive group for a while, there was no official statement of our disbandment and I still kept the site and files open for download. But I’m unable to keep maintaining this anymore, and nobody is willing to take over since everyone has each their own lives to live now, in the real world. So I finally decided to let it go.

Samael, our 2nd download server, will be shut down early evening today. This is the last one from our download servers, forums, trackers that were left to be shut down. Our stuff are still out there, somewhere. Over at the IRC, perhaps?

You can get our releases from manga download sites like Batoto and StopTazmo  or you can download them below. With regards to the other downloads aside from our releases such as our desktop mascots, fanbooks, icons, wallpapers, etc. I’m afraid I cannot provide to host them anymore.

On behalf of the entire Kawaii Heavens team, I’m thanking everyone who helped us out and supported us through the years!



You can download our old releases from my personal cloud storage accounts folder (below). They have limited bandwidth so please don’t abuse them.

When you finished downloading, please leave me a note?

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