The title is Spoilers because I will just rant about the Ending of two animes I’ve finished watching. Hana Yori Dango was for the first paragraph and Ragnarok the Animation for the second. If you live in the Philippines and is watching Ragnarok the Animation, don’t read! You’ll lose inerest! 😛 But it is always up to you if you wanted to read or not. Just don’t go telling me that I suck because I already finished the story in one paragraph. 😛

It was the ending of Hana Yori Dango at ABS-CBN. I didn’t like the ending. It might be a romantic happy ending but it is unrealistic. Fo one account, how could someone jumped from the dock to a ship with almost 3 3-5 meters apart? And not only that, Tsukushi hanged herself at the rope just to jump over the guy and kick him right at his face? Pretty much stupid.

I had just finished watching Ragnarok The Animation. The story line was just like any other RPGs you play with those adventures and all. The usual thing – good vs evil and the good wins of course. To sum every up, the anime was great but I really didn’t like how the ending was as well… Takius, Iruga and Keogh died at the end. Takius died to save her master, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to. Iruga died right after Keough’s soul was taken by Dark lord. The good part, however was when Maya thought of something even though they’re very hopeless. 🙂 Oh! Btw, Iruga left Judia a son! He looks just like him, including his silver hair! So kawaii!! Judia carry him around her back. Roan and Yuffa got married after the fight with Dark Lord and they got 2 more companions.

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