Philippine Web Awards 2008

Oh? The voting for The Philippine Web Awards 2008 Blogger’s Choice Award is now open and they came up with this cool idea for voting. This time, voters would need a little more effort to vote. Hah.

Well, for those who were curious to know, I didn’t join this year. The hype of THE Philippine Blog Awards just didn’t get to me. For some reason, I don’t really find it as interesting as last year (because it was new back then, so I was interested to try it out). I’m never the type who desire attention anyway and the fact that I blog for the same of blogging still stands.

Anyway, in last year’s Blogger Choice Award, it was a tough choice for me. But this time, I would vote for Mike Villar all the way (now Mikey, don’t forget my hug after this). Since it’s sort of like a mandatory to state the reason why I am voting for Mikey, I’ll be straight and honest about it with a few words added.

Save the blogging world from “pro”bloggers! VOTE MIKEY!

Here’s is my main reason for voting for Mikey, and I’m actually being serious for once:

Well, I’ve been a blogger for quite a while. And as far as blogging goes, probloggers are dominating the blogging world, as we know. I don’t know if it’s just me or anything but I really wanted Mikey to win this one since he’s one of those people who blog just for the heck of blogging. You know what I mean. For me, blogging is a form of self expression and as I did back when I first started blogging some years ago, I still think that blogging should be for the purpose of self-satisfaction, self-expression and enjoyment; that people should blog about themselves, about the things they like, sharing things for the world to know, etc. and not just for the sake of earning money.

So, this also sort of like my campaign for the blogging community too.

Here are my top 5 additional reasons for voting Mikey:

  1. I love his pimped up logo in his site. Yes, including that star.
  2. The way he blogs never fails to amaze me – creativity-wise and nonsensical-wise.
  3. His blog entries make me feel like I’m a better person sometimes. Seriously. And by that, it makes me wanna go through this life right.
  4. He craves attention so much, so he really needs more votes.
  5. And last but not the least and the most important too…

    His ever so interesting campaign image.

That’s it, so vote for Mikey, okay? O(^o^)O

The Mandatory List of Sponsors:

I wonder if my vote will count, now? =P

Link Loves to those COOL PEOPLE who voted Mikey
(if you voted for him, and is not on the list, leave me a comment)

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  1. Still deciding who to vote for. ^_^ I have three in mind. Haays.

    I agree; actually parang there’s less hype regarding the blog awards this year. I wonder why.

    PS: It’s Philippine Blog Awards. The Web Awards is different. 😉

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