Blood Storm Top

Blood Storm Top

Mommee Kurisu is selling this Blood Storm Top at her shop, Rock n Doll.

Me wants. But it’s too big. It’s actually free size – roughly about Medium (Asian size). I could buy it and have it adjusted again but the chest part is err… sobs

Btw, she has Gothic Lolita pre-order stuff too (but they are not currently available anymore, you’ll have to wait later).

And there’s someone who’s selling her gothic skirt. But the waist line is 27 inches. I’m 5 inches off. XDXD

Why are the clothes so damn BIG?! T^T

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  1. I agree that you should go for it. It’s way too sexy to pass up. I’m sure you (or someone) could find a way to alter it so it fits you better.

    I have problems finding clothes that fit me well too. I’m really tall (long legs) but really skinny, so that leads to lots of problems when it comes time to shop for pants. ^^;

    I’ll be waiting to hear how things work out with the re-spawned termites! Buy that shirt!

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