Dekaron SEA Going Commercial

Dekaron Sea Going Commercial

Woot~! That’s right. As I had plurked last Saturday, according to the official Dekaron SEA website (where I stole that info and image from), Dekaron SEA is going commercial. There are no other post regarding exact date of the commercial yet but it’s probably very very soon.

OH YES! because commercial launch indicates the possibility of having a cash shop. That’s one Ninoy Aquino bill-turned-ePoints-turned Dekaron moolah in my language. And I’ve been eying for a costume and a pet (I’ll provide images later – if I find one that is.) for my Incar Magician. Hohoho! *grins grins and even more grins* I just hope they don’t cost that much, though.

And OH NO! because commercial launch also indicates that the exp rate will go back to normal. No more 2x exp. Before that day comes, please TANK ME~ *buzz buzz… sending electric waves to guild mates*

Now I shall go off and re-budget my money to include monthly top-ups in it. =P

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  1. Aam ko wang bayad yung game play. Cash sop system lang like other games.

    Nasa Hellion-Eclipse ako nyayon~
    Na kay Gerrard the Stash keeper.

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