Vampire Hunter D Manga Volume 6 on Sale at eManga

As most of you probably already know, I’m a huge fan of Vampire Hunter D, enough to own its fanlisting. Earlier this morning, I was trilled to receive an email from  eManga about Vampire Hunter D’s 6th manga volume to be on sale at eManga tomorrow, December 28th, 2011.

I was also informed that in line with this launch, they’ll be streaming the previous Vampire Hunter D manga volumes for free. Yes, that’s right from volumes 1 to 5 and FREE. The free streaming of Vampire Hunter D 1-5 manga volumes started last December 24 and will end at January 8, 2012.

Maybe some of you have already heard of eManga, but for the sake of those who doesn’t, I’ll give you guys a few information about eManga before you head up here and start reading. eManga is an online manga streaming site run by Digital Manga, Inc. By streaming, it means you can only read them when you’re connected to the Internet. And yes, that also meant that the manga are digital copies of the manga. The difference between eManga and the other online streaming sites like or (if you notice, as an ex-scanlator, I do not support manga fox) is that eManga is a legit version, not from scanlated copies, but from the publishers themselves. Although, in eManga, you have to buy points and use these points to read the mangas. It’s like buying the manga in cheaper price, without the physical book.

Personally, I prefer the physical book themselves, but in cases like Vampire Hunter D, where acquiring the physical manga is really hard, I would go for online manga streaming sites like this. Although I do wish to be able to download the manga instead of just always streaming them online for a few reasons like: (1) I have this picky thing with the media quality that whenever I read them online, they get pixelated and this irritates me; (2) I wanted to be able to read them from my laptop or my mobile phone even without internet; (3) I would be able to transfer them in different handles like my brother’s tab, in case I wanted to read it there, without streaming it again. Although, these are just personal preference. I do, however, understand that they chose it to be streaming and using Adobe Flash player to prevent it from being stolen.

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  1. I watched Vampire Hunter D when I was in college. It is one of the best anime that was made. Character design and animation is so amazing. I like the story too.

  2. I really miss the feeling of being a die-hard fan of something. Congratulations! What a late Christmas present, huh? 🙂 And wow, thanks for telling us the difference between eManga and manga fox. LOL.

  3. Sis!, You;re still here and you;re still addicted to Manga! 🙂
    Vampire Hunter – awesome!
    Im back on track 😉

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