Bayanihan Ondoy: Gamers’ Give a Boost

So a few days (weeks?) back, mobiusgames launched MU Online PhilippinesSeason 4 patch. I was initially planning on playing MU Online, since I haven’t had the chance to try it before since the first MMO I’ve played was PRO. I was planning on gathering as much info as I needed before I start trying it out, so I rushed to the forums to read feedbacks and such about the said patch. And then, I saw a really interesting thread, so I read on.

The topic was about these certain MU Online players who initiated donation drives and/or were encouraging people to donate reliefs and stuff for the victims of Ondoy’s quite unfriendly visit to the Philippines. And to my surprise, a lot of players responded to the thread and actually donated reliefs and such. They had this agreement on where to meet each other and go to the locations to give help.

Here are a few of the pictures they took while giving help:

ondoy_gamers ondoy_gamers
(Please click the images for a larger view)

You can find the exact thread where I took these pictures from here. Pictures are on page 3 of the said thread.

And what’s great about it is that this is not the only group doing this. I found a lot of thread like this in different sub-forums, doing the same thing but on different approaches.

To all the players who have donated for this cause, you guys rock! It may not be a full heal, but the potions and mana boosts helps!

There have been a lot of bloggers posting on how to donate to the victims of Ondoy and such, cross-posting from one blog to another. So I guess with all of those, there are enough information on the Web for you to figure out where you could donate to help so I’ll spare you guys the posting of info and just limit myself to re-tweeting stuff from twitter, and thought of sharing interesting finds I stumble upon here and there relating to Ondoy and I would call these series, “Bayanihan Ondoy”.  So, look forward for more.

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  1. bayanihan spirit is all theatrics. tragedies occur outside metro manila–how about the 100+ people who died in baguio due to pepeng? but fellow filipinos don’t reach out that much to them. because relief ops drama stops, no volunteers now. the tragedy is not even through yet. the center of power is in metro manila; it’s not bayanihan spirit of filipinos. maybe bayanihan within metro manila, being highly publicized and with all the focus of the media.

  2. aji santiago,
    FYI, people don’t just help within Metro Manila. There are tons of people who help others residing outside Metro Manila. For example, there are people from Metro Manila who specifically even file leaves from their companies just to go to provinces to help people. The purpose of Bayanihan is to try and help people as much as one could. But it doesn’t mean that they would be able to help each and every single people in the Philippines who needed help.

    The problem is with some Filipinos is that they sit around, pray or whatever else, just waiting for help. They should at least try and do something about it and help themselves too.

    Just my 2 cents.

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