Hydra by GoldDot

I have known GoldDot for a while from my friend Joren. She recommended it to me since she knows how much I love couture and everything out of ordinary, especially shoes. Since then, I’ve always been wanting to buy shoes from GoldDot, but I find the shoes too high for my taste. I mean, I could wear 4-inch high shoes but to wear it while walking everyday from Ayala Ave. to Legaspi Village will be the death of me. Although there were actually a few times I did try, the result is always that its very tiring and hard to walk since the road isn’t leveled the same all the time.

So finally, when I was browsing last Friday, I chanced upon this pretty shoes called Hydra from GoldDot. The first thing I looked at is the heel and platforms height. The heel is 4 inches and platforms is 2.5. I thought, “perfect!” And went to buy it immediately after thinking about it for 10 seconds!

And after a few days, my package arrived!

I tried wearing them immediately as soon as I got home. Here’s what I think about it:

  1. They are worn like shoes/boots, not like sandals. I initially thought you wear them like sandals.
  2. The straps are only for design purposes. They are not adjustable.
  3. It’s not hard to walk in them since they’re just platforms and the heel is not that high. If you think about it, they’re just like you’re wearing a 1.5 heel shoes. But I’m not sure I could run around wearing them just yet. It’s hard to run around wearing platforms. It took me a while before I could manage to run wearing Margaux (the shoes I designed years ago).
  4. They’re pretty tight on the feet, but that’s probably the point so that they wont come off easily with its design. But since I have thin feet so they still come off. XD
  5. The texture is like most faux leathers – since it’s new, it’s bit painful if you wear them with bare feet (or at least for me).
  6. It’s not slippery in tiles! (^O^)/ I tried walking with them in my room. My room is purely tile-floored. I know, right? 😐

I so love it! Especially that I’m short! I’ll probably end up making this my default footwear! My current default one is black knee-high boots my mom gave me for my birthday, earlier this year.

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