Bus Ride to Heaven

Thank you Five Star bus for that life-threatening ala-roller coaster bus ride experience earlier. I couldn’t get over it for a while. It was more exciting than the Space Shuttle they have in Enchanted Kingdom. The thrill that I might die anytime from when in case the bus slides somewhere in the wet road due to the bad weather was epic. It was more fun than the jeepney ride I had with Carla, Jay and Laine when we had a planned trip and went to Antipolo, just for the heck of going there, not long ago. And I thought riding a Cubao bus or sometimes a wild cab was crazy enough, hell no it wasn’t even close enough. And guess what’s the best part in it? It was the over taking in that long bridge while speeding in the rain. I was sitting in front too, beside the bus driver and with no seat belt at that. Ha!

I’m blogging this now because, you know, I might suddenly realize tomorrow morning that I’m already dead. And that in reality, I’m actually a wondering ghost. So that all you guys would know what exactly happened to me, and probably feel sorry for the pathetic result my life ended with in the hands of a half-sleepy driver living with only a Cobra Energy Drink to keep him awake all night.

Have a good night.

PS: I SAW that image of a man posing macho with only his brief, in the conductor’s wallpaper.

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  1. weird busdrivers were all the range before they switched the national bus service over here 😀 …… sometimes you get on a bus and realize that the bus has no breaks! SUPER! xD

  2. kung ang bus na aircon tapos hataw, hindi mo mafe-feel XD pero kung walang aircon tapos hataw, daig talaga ang mga roller coaster ride XD

    masarap sumakay dyan pag lasing XD LOL! anyways, glad you’re safe euri-sama XD

    si kuya, ALAM NA! XD

  3. the better drivers go to victory liner.. i used to live in baguio and ive met more than my fair share of drivers from both companies..

    on an interesting note, check their company slogans..
    5star: “Ang Kaagapay sa Maligayang Paglalakbay”
    victory: “We Move People Better, Safer”

    siguro ang maligayang paglalakbay eh yung “exciting”

    ..glad your safe 🙂

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