The Start of SY ’04-’05

Still working with the new layout. This is tough. I had edit every single file. And in some files, I had to re-create them from the start. I had so much to do in little time. I wanted to finished this beforeJune arrives. Anyway, I went to school early morining. It’s the start of a new school year for us. Guess what, I don’t have a single classmate and the teacher’s nowhere in sight too. I guess I should expect that on the first day. I bought a new pendant this morning. I lost my favorite pendant so I bought one again. The pendant I bought wasn’t like the one before. I don’t know what stone that is while my past pendant was an Onyx. I need to research first. Anyway, I will be going to Manila again tomorrow. We’ll be leaving about 5:30 AM so I need to sleep early today.

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