In the Mood

I was watching the news a while ago and saw Eddie Gil having a recording session. First, he wanted to be a president, then, he moved to become a comedy actor, now, a recording artist?! What’s with that guy? Is he… on drugs or something? I don’t mean to be rude, but he’s really funny! And his hair is funny too! ^_^

Well, I saw him a while ago, he didn’t notice me… *sob…* But it’s okay… Why is it that even now, when I see him, it hurts? Hay… Tama na nga! Senti-senti na ang Euri.. I’m ruining my own mood! I met up with Bessy kanina! 😀 She treated me squid balls, kikiam and gulaman (favorite snack? :D) Then after, she met up with her BF and I left (don’t want to disturb… :D) them. I went home after that and watched Naruto.

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