To Toshiya-sama: An Open Letter

Dear Toshiya-sama,

I’ve always loved you from the bottom of my fiery desires. I’ve always wanted to have my hair cut and colored like yours, even if I knew it doesn’t suit me. I’ve always wanted to have my favorite fashion designer to imitate your clothes, only he couldn’t because he only makes dresses. I’ve always squeeled like I’ve never squeeled before in my life, everytime I see you cross-dress with Shinya-san. I’ve even went to a point that I wanted a plushie of you that I could molest touch and hug each night. I’ve always collected your every possible image whenever I see them. You’re number of images in my hard drive is never far from the number of images I have for Mana and Gackt. I’ve even wanted to own a friendster group in your honor just to show how much I love you regardless of the fact that having a friendster group is a sign of gayness. But all these were shattered easily like a mirror breaking into pieces when hit by a huge hammer. It all started when I saw your latest look since the “americanization”, I died horribly. I even got terrible nightmares right after. In behalf of all your fans from everywhere, please come back to your senses and stop that crazy idea. Also, please tell everyone from the band that we liked your looks better before than your looks now. Same goes to the music you are creating now. Seriously, their horrible. T_T Please be considerate of your fans.

Your undying almost crazy fan,

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  1. hi ate euri! zup? sorry, wasnt able to visit your blog recently. nwala kasi yung host ko. all of the files in my database vanished too, and wasnt able to retrieve the links as well.8o


  2. OMFG! nyu~ Why Totchi!? *dies from the horror*

    Anywho, I hope you got my X-mas giftie on my bloggie when you exchaged your gift to me. I’m uploading it to my gifties list right now . 😀 😀 😀

    BTW, wanna blog exchange? *shrugs*

  3. Send the letter!

    I haven’t actually heard much of their later stuff, so I cant judge. But they definately look nowhere near as prettiful as before. Where oh where have the cool clothes gone T_T

  4. Hmm.. Katharine took the legs out of my mouth.. ;D Anyway, I hope you got nice christmas presents. And happy new years in advance ^_^

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