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I just received my blog profit links this afternoon and I am required to finish posting them until the 4th of January of the following year. In all honestly, I have no plans on making money out of this blog and/or of blogging. First and foremost, I still can afford to pay for my domain and hosting. Secondly, I didn’t think I could earn money just by blogging because all I blog about is my freaking boring life and my worthless opinions. Also, I don’t have that much of a traffic, honestly. But above all these, I am in need of cash right now, so it’s pretty much obvious that I resort to blog profits, right?.

Of course, before posting and/or advertising links, I thought of visiting the sites first myself and describe what people might find when they click those links I put up. My first link which was “eBay free auction templates“. Yet to my surprise, it doesn’t seem to work. Even so, I still put it up. O.o (Never mind that, it works now? O.o) Anyway, that link provides stuff you can use to eBay for your item sellings preferrably, eBay templates. I know I am quite ignorant about this, but this is my first time hearing of eBay templates so I really don’t have any more ideas than that.

Also, since that eBay link is not necessarily eBay Philippines (I dare not put a link!), I think I would be spared by my conscience putting up a company competition site’s link. 😛 I may not look like it, but I am pretty loyal to the company I work for. Btw, since I am already at it, we’re having The Super Saver Store at! Stuff are really cheap and also, the shipping is free. I just wanna share since we worked hard for it too (the site). X-P

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  1. Oh. You work for pala? Di ko alam, hehe. Ignoramus talaga ako. ^_^

    Everybody needs some hard cash. Tapos na Pasko, lahat wala na pera. Hehe!

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