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We ran out of freaking ink and I had to print something really important. It’s some “Waiver of Appearance” document (some court related thing) I was ask to type by judge. Since I have no other option, I went out and look for an internet cafe somewhere near. And I found one. The first internet cafe I went into, had broken printer so they recommended this certain internet cafe at their front. Since I am in a hurry, I never thought twice about the place and went ahead. When I arrived, I sat down a unit and started opening the only browser they have on which I most detest – IE 6.0 (Sorry for the IE lovers, but heck, who cares? O.o). Aside from that fact that IE loads site really damn bad, the Internet connection is even lower than that of a 56 Kbps dial-up. It took me about 10 whole freaking minutes just to open my Gmail account. Please note that it is Gmail. What more if it’s Yahoo Mail, I’ll spend a day just to open it? Not to mention the amount of time it took me just to download that one 26 Kb file! For the love of Internet, they should get a higher Internet plan. Oh, I forgot to mention that no one is playing online games. Children all play DotA and I even checked them. That aside, when I finally downloaded the file I was to have them print, they told me they don’t have bond papers and I have to buy them myself? O.o My goodness, gracious! They should’ve closed that damn cafe! Seriously.

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  1. hay naku ako nga inis na inis ako dito

    am paying for 2k for my supposed-up-to-512kbps internet connection but, hey, guess what? My internet connection is running under 20kbps! Inis! Please don’t tell me that this has something to do with the Taiwan earthquake-crap. PLDT should have backup plans in case like this. Inis talaga. And what’s worse, PLDT is not even replying to my emails. Kaya eto, nag email na ako ng hate email (hindi na kasi ako makatiis) demanding for an explanation for everything, including their non-existing support (yeah nobody has even bothered to answer my email). Kainis talaga.

    By the way, i already sent you an email with my contact number. May problem po ba?

  2. Haha, remember when I blogged about a certain internet cafe in Baguio? So I pretty much understand what you’ve felt.

    Gmail loads relatively slower than Yahoo! Mail if you’re not using the HTML version. AJAX kasi. Yung Y!Mail ko, hindi yung Beta. Napakatagal kasi nun.

  3. Yahoo! Mail Beta is more usability inclined compared to its current stable state, but it sure is a hell lot slower than GMail even on Standard with Chat mode. And when already loaded, if you switch between tabs to your Y! Mail Beta page, the browser would hang for about 3 seconds before it switches. What more if you have PCs like that of the Net Café you just mentioned.

    Oh, but I can’t believe it! I’m on PLDT MyDSL plan 999 and I’ve just tested my connection on testmy.net. It reached 553 kbps even when I’m downloading torrents at 40 kB/s. I hope everyday would be like this. 😛

  4. @ ems ~
    PLDT ka naman pala eh. Expect the worst. X-P

    @ Shari ~
    Actually, naka beta yung Yahoo ko. So if I would open that in that certain cafe… dang. Probably, would spent a day? O.o

    @ Aja ~
    Another PLDT victim. My internet connecttion used to be PLDT. I changed to Smart Wifi/Bro for improvement. Too bad, no luck. X-P

  5. I only had two choices for broadband connections, PLDT and Smart Bro, since Globe, etc still hasn’t included my area in their services the time I had been looking for broadband ISP. I’ve received bad info from Smart Bro/Wifi subscribers, and it has a connection fee of 1000 compared to MyDSL, so I chose the latter.

  6. sorry i just have to post this …

    … sabi na nga ba, ang sasabihin ng PLDT is because of the Taiwan earthquake crap, here’s their reply —

    We acknowledge your emails, maam, and we apologize for not having replied sooner.

    We regret that your DSL service is encountering slowdown. The strong earthquake in Taiwan caused major breaks in international cable facilities reducing our bandwidth capacities. The consortia operating these facilities have dispatched cable ships to undertake needed repairs. Most possibly repair will be completed on the second week of January. We are also working on augmenting via alternate routes.

    Please bear with us.

    Respectfully Yours,

    2nd week of January, however, is unacceptable for me! They should have given their subscribers rebates for this! Kainis talaga!

  7. It is estimated that up to one million jobs could be lost as an affect of this loss in internet.
    The talk at the weekend of most foreign business men in Makati was not how are they going to survive with little or no internet it was what country they are moving their business to.
    All seemed to be of the same voice what the hell is being done? Seems like nothing. When will it be back to normal? After 9 days PLDT won?t tell them.
    Why is the Government not involved? Do they think internet is just for games?
    Does anyone care that they are not providing internet?

    Talking to a Group that included Americans, Germans and British. They all agreed if this happened any where else the government of the country would call a State of Emergency.

    It was also very interesting to hear that PLDT was offered help from one of the worlds leading internet providers, to get the Philippines back to normal with in 36 hours. At no cost to PLDT.
    PLDT refused the help WHY? Could they be scared that the Philippines people would see how well a foreign company could run the internet? Could it be it would have been faster and more stable?
    Would it mean Filipino?s might demand a change in law to let foreign competition in and stop this monopoly
    What ever it is the fact remains the problem could have been fixed by Friday and 1 million Jobs could have been saved.

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