Resignation: Response

In response to the reactions with regards to my resignation:

It’s true that there are things in that would make you not want to leave. But then, limiting yourself at one place is not good. When you think about it rationally, confining yourself to what you currently are and not striving for another higher goal is like turning yourself into a robot that does things again and again without fail. I am not a passive type of person, as you might already be aware of. I prefer dominance. I prefer to seize everything my hands could reach – each and every opportunity. If I think of things such as staying for other people’s sake, what about me? What about my feelings? What about the things I wanted to do? I don’t want to lock myself up in half-baked feelings that I would stick around because of being around in a place where I am treated well. You see, no matter how much you wanted to stay, when it’s time for you to go, you have to go.

If I don’t go out that door, I can never see what lies behind it. I would always keep on staring at that tall wood in front of me and just imagine the things that I would see behind that door. If I don’t go out that door, how will I be able to see what’s outside? How would I know if the sun’s rays are really warm, if the sky is really blue and clouds are really white? If the door was left slightly opened for you, wouldn’t you want to take a peek at it? Of course, at some point I am afraid of the things I might see behind that door. Boogie monster might be behind it. Satan might be sitting behind it staring at me. And at worst case, Barney (I hate purple gay tone deaf dinosaurs) might be behind it singing “I love you, you love me…” No matter what things I might see behind it, I could only gather up my courage and open it and see for myself. If I don’t, as I have said earlier, would I just waste away staring at that door?

If I fail, I could always try again. If I fall, and stumble, I could always get myself up and face forward. But if I remained locked inside that room, I would die full of regret.

This is not about the FKs. Who the fuck gives a damn about them? To hell with them. This is about me, what I wanted to do with my fucking life. How far I wanna run. How high I wanna fly. Even if you chain both my feet down to the ground, I will free myself. Even if it means I would have to break free bleeding. Even if I would be left out with no choice but to cut away my feet.

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  1. [standing ovation] wtf! wtf!

    Seriously, very well said, with the limiting-yourself thing and the door hoo-hahs.Those references regarding Satan and Boogie monster and Barney (wtf!) are a little way too over the top, though. lol!

    Anyway, if I may add, to stay in your comfort zone through mere habit or to stay there because of irrational fears of what may lie outside, will condemn you to a life of frustration and regret. Believe me, breaking out of your comfort zone is WISE and HEALTHY. Been there, done that. So, yeah, go out there, play the game, go for broke, break a leg, [insert encouraging phrasal cliches known to man here] WTFWTF 🙂

  2. sabi nga ng nike, “just do it”.

    but to boost you more, kantahan na lng kita ng kamote version ng barney song.

    i love u, u love me,
    lets go out and kill barney,
    with a shotgun, bang bang,
    lying on the floor
    no more stupid dinosaurs.

  3. I definitely agree with Talamasca that breaking out of your comfort zone is a good, no GREAT idea. It’s my opinion that comfort zones cause a lot of problems – all too often people let their fear of failure, adverseness to risk, and/or laziness get the best of them. I know from experience that getting too comfortable is rarely ever a good thing. Even now I’m trying to make myself take more risks. Honestly, that’s what makes life exciting! 😮

  4. been there, done that. and yes, fear will be there. and you might feel bits of regret after. but hey, pats back, you’re doing great and i commend your risk-taking. good luck, euri. keep us updated. ^_^

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