I Lost My Cell Phone Again

This morning, I skipped my first subject, Art Appreciation, just to go home and find my cell phone. I knew I dropped it off at the tricycle I rode going to school. But I still took the 10% change that I just left it home at my room. When I got home, it isn’t there. So I tried to look for the tricycle but it was gone. I was trying to call my phone hoping the tricycle driver would hear it ring and return the phone to me but it was shut off. I spent my whole allowance for the day just going back and forth our subdivision looking for the driver and asking the people if they knew who the driver was. (Now I’m kind of short on cash. *cries*) A kind tricycle driver informed me that he was a service of one of our neighbors. Then I went to our neighbors house to ask. Our neighbor said she would ask but she doesn’t want to give me the assurance that he would give the phone back. “What if he denied that you left it at his tricycle?” she said. Then again, as time passes, I grew tired and lost hope of finding my phone. This was not my first. This was about the sixth one I had. I don’t know if my mom would buy one again for me… speaking of cell phones. Jem’s cell phone was snatched last Sunday and I saw someone snatched a cell phone last Saturday. The snatched was seating in from of me and I saw him snatched his seatmate’s phone. I guess he noticed that I saw what he did so he rushed down off the jeepney. Bessy was so socked and scared to see such incident. Then she asked me why the heck am I still calm after those things we saw. I replied, “Would worrying about it will keep the snatcher from snatching more phones? If it would I will be most glad to worry about it everyday.” I applied this same thing to keep myself calmed down a while ago when I lost my phone. Worry about my lost phone wouldn’t get it back to me, and moreover, it would only cause me much stress. I’m too stressed out from all my works and I’m so much busy this days. *sigh* Here I am again, sighing… I really missed my phone a lot.

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