Last Night…

Last night, there was a power surge. There was light raining and suddenly, a huge lightning came to visit my house. And guess what? my PC went…



No mummified Spidey pictures for you. Bleh. Not until I get my ass on a new monitor and have my PC checked. To add, I’m fucking broke.

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  1. my condolences… so which part of ur computer was damaged? if u think about it… maybe its a sign… for you to upgrade… πŸ˜† X-P

  2. as Glitch said, get your lazy ass a new machine. I can help you out with the specs, you’ll only need a couple of hundred thousand pesos πŸ˜€

  3. @ Glitch ~
    I do not have the money for upgrade. That’s why I don’t upgrade. X-P

    @ baddie ~
    Uhh… Yeah. I have a Spiderman Plushie (A.K.A. Gay Spidey) here in the office. The CSRs played with it and mummified it. X-P

    @ George ~
    :lmao: Marcus (head -> next) also said so.

    And George, dear…

    Your #1 Fan (George) Β» eeeeek! Euri-sama kawaiii~~~~~

    I almost vomited. Good thing you addded:

    Lol just kidding Euri.

    @ Bobby ~
    But I don’t have that hundreds of thousands of pesoses. I don’t even have that thousands of pesoses. X-P Oh, and how’s Mobius doing? Better there than over here, huh?

  4. awe, i like storms though. : ) they’re nice, and relaxing. sucks that it made your computer go BOOM/crash though : ( lameeee. that’s one bad thing about storms. but that’s also why i love laptops. 😑

  5. kaya nga dpat tanggalin lahat ng saksakan tulad ng din sa cable ng tv… -____-


  6. As in BOOM!!!….. Scary…

    That’s why when it’s raining hard…switch off the computer agad or magpipicture picture si San Pedro.

  7. Condolences… (tama ba spelling??) πŸ˜• Tell your mom to buy you a new one! πŸ˜† Joke lang. but i won’t hurt if you try di ba?

    Me too I wana see the mummified spidey!! hehehehe. πŸ˜†

  8. Oh gosh… It happened to my computer once, but there was no rain and lightning…. It just BOOM! And then it was dead and it can’t be on… I think it was a virus, it went to my HDD… Now I’m using my old computer, so little space, and this computer is also a bitch… πŸ˜› It keeps restarting and say that there is a serious error when I turn it on again…. πŸ™

  9. Just thinking about that happening to a computer makes my stomach go all funny. Hope the computer is okay. I would die without mine. Or else just be REALLY bored, which is just as bad.

    Oh! And thanks for changing my Jrocker for me!

  10. Sorry bout what happened to your pc. Hope you can get it fixed ASAP. Make sure you get a surge protector next time.

  11. why r u broke? T_T its not like u have a family already… just save 4K per month… and within 5 months you can buy your new Core Duo PC… 😳 < – here in our provice, this is the most cheap computer store i that i know of (i think)

  12. that’s sad’s hard to stay at home without a PC to use specially when it’s raining outside. hope you can find a cheap solution to make it run again πŸ™‚

  13. Oh dear. XD
    Oh, btw… I think your table layout’s alignment isn’t working do you have valign=top on your navigation? Because everything on it is shifting to the bottom for me. :O (Maybe it’s just my computer? I use IE6)

    And Momo and the Penguin? :OOOO XD πŸ˜›

  14. Oh, I know how that’s like… My monitor blew up last January… Literally.. there was a burning smell in the room. Thankfully, it occurred near my birthday… so my wonderful Mom bought me a kickass 19 inch replacement…. So, something awesome happened from a bad event, hehehe.

  15. -gasp- Black outs are the worst! But did the lightning actually hit your house!? That is pretty scary though — I’m always afraid of a black out because I’ve lost oh-so-many machines to power outtages and the sudden surge or whatever somehow messing with it and killing it. T_T Hopefully you can find someplace affordable so you can fix up your computer? I’m not good at technical stuff so I wouldn’t know any stores to suggest to you…well, that and you live in a different area than I do…XD

  16. Happy 4th of July! Damn, that sucks about your computer. I had a power surge screw up my brand new stereo and fan once ;_; total pain.

  17. @ Glitch ~
    With my salary? I can only save 2k per month at best. It would take me roughly a year to get my ass a new PC. And yes, I do not have a family. But still, it doesn’t mean that my money is that much too.

    @ Hiro ~
    It works fine in my IE 6. I wonder why?

    @ Shelly ~
    Yeah. It hit our antenna. Aside from my computer, there are about 3 more appliances that broke.

  18. You unlucky bastard, you! But good thing you weren’t the one who got struck, because that would be ginormously beyond unlucky.

    Change your evil and p0rny ways or something! Kbai.

  19. Awww I’m sorry to hear that I would be totally crazy by the third day without my computer… I’d be SO freaking out by then. LIGHTNING? Gah….
    And yeahh well hopefully i dont go nuts from the pressure πŸ˜€ And anyways, I wont be doing all the work, just the easy parts. πŸ˜€

  20. I’ve been there, and it sucked. Although, mine was hit by lightening. It’s still sort of broken lol.

    Good luck getting yours fixed.

  21. No fucking way!! Your monitor exploded? We’re you hurt? Shit!!!!! I remembered when my CPU went kaboom on me. I was terrified because it was on fire and my house is made out of what? cement and wood?

  22. Oh shit, that must have been scary to have your monitor explode like that!! Was your computer on a surge protector or not? If not, I would invest in one of them in the future… and speaking of, I should check to make sure that mine is still working. My PC turned off a few times during a t-storm; but luckily has not exploded, yet.

  23. That really sucks about your computer. πŸ™ We just had a thunder storm today, and a huge lightning bolt came down and struck right in front of my house. I am so scared of thunder & lightening storms lol.

  24. Ooh…I hate power surges. It’s happened to me before, but I was living with parents with money. πŸ˜€ Hope your PC gets fixed soon, I know I can’t live without mine. :/

  25. My only comment is that I was always told to plug PCs into a surge protector. Failing that, shut down and unplug the PC during storms, and reconfigure the time when the storm ends. Good luck getting it fixed.

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