Just Another

I’m just another shadow in the crowd of one thousand
Passing by this street everyday.
I’m just another shadow who glanced at that sunshine
Straining my eyes to find my way.

I’m just another drifter in this vast ocean
Who dreamed of a land one day.
I’m just another lost traveler in this world
Who hoped for a warm home to stay.

I’m just another soldier in this army of lonely souls
Who wished for someone to take her life away.
I’m just another someone who bleeds painlessly
Hoping this pain would fade as I turn gray.

I’ll be just another corpse lying in my casket
Who’s beauty would eventually decay.
I’ll be just another memory in people’s hearts
Who, in time, would slowly fade away.

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  1. Hey, nice poem I like it. Especially the lines,

    I’ll be just another corpse lying in my casket
    Who’s beauty would eventually decay.

  2. lovely poem! it is very touching… so true, i can feel the hurting or longing inside… keep it up! soon ill be posting poetries too! ill attempt to give some justice to my poetic prowess! hahaha.. but not maybe as good as this one… hehehe :aww: 😀

  3. I never know how to comment on these kinds of posts, because if I’m too relevant to the topic I may or may not piss off the author and everyone else who’s commenting, lol.

    Very pretty, though, almost seems like pseudo-gothic Shel Silverstein. I love Shel Silverstein.

  4. Aww, what a sad yet sweet poem. (: You have such a way with words~ once again, Euri dear, marvellous job! 😀

  5. I’m just another person who’s leaving a comment. Wow, it evoked memories and feelings of a lifetime ago… a low point in my life.

    Keep on writing. 🙂

  6. Bravo! Wow! Just wow! claps then does the standing ovation O_O

    Represent, poet! Represent! 😎

  7. Your poems always tend to convey a lot of reality instead of wishing for the impossible. I guess that’s what makes them appear so human, so real. Great work as always. <3

  8. Its official I have lost my mind. What I meant was:
    Its a great poem, it makes a lot of sense.
    Its a shame I don’t lol

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