I Love You, Farewell

Last night, I dreamt of you.
A figure, I’ve always knew.
Like an angel you touched my face,
Gliding through the wind with grace.

You reached out your hand and smiled sweetly,
I was swept away, completely.
We held hands and danced together.
It felt like I could be with you forever.

I woke up with my face wet with tears,
Feeling the sharp pain as it pierce.
I stare blankly to the ceiling,
Wanting to rid myself of this feeling.

Outside, there’s a heavy rain.
Perhaps, the night sky shares my pain.
This coldness that I feel
Is what verifies me that this pains is real.

Goodbye, my love.
You were all that I wanted to have.
You’re warm hands, I dreamed to touch,
You’re sweet voice, I wished to hear so much.

Sweet rose, I want to stay true.
And wished we could always be with you.
Beautiful prince, sleep well.
I love you, farewell.

For Jasmine You.

Rest in peace, my prince. I love you, farewell.

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