Love Birds

Our love birds died. We had a couple of pairs before. I think they were about eight pairs, all in an aviary. When we were driven out of our own house, most almost all of them died. Probably because of the new environment and the smaller space they were moved into. Well, can’t be helped because they’re really quite sensitive. There were three of them that were left. The two, however, died recently.

One of them got his head ripped off. The other one, it’s wings. The last one was left alive, but all bloody and near death while having wounded wings. I was told that it’s because of the rats. The rats in that apartment where we moved in are really huge. They’re almost around the size of regular street cats. It’s a good thing that they only come out during the night. Still, it’s pretty scary because you’ll never know when the rat will come out and bite you while you sleep. There may be a chance that you’ll wake up with your arms or legs half eaten. You’ll probably die of Rabies, too, later.

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  1. hmm i remember when we use to have a pet bird which was sadly also murdered a by huge rat.
    But i massacred the rat my self.

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