When I saw those eyes
My heart stopped beating.
Those eyes that stared at me,
Even though it was from a distance,
They seemed to see through me

My heart starts to beat again,
Yet I couldn’t lift a finger.
I wanted to move
Yet it’s as if I’m glued.
My whole body seemed paralized.
and it’s getting hard to breathe as well.

The clock kept ticking.
This silence is deafening.
The tick tock sound I’m hearing
Is becoming more and more irritating.
These repetitive sounds
Might even drive me to insanity.

I felt a sharp pain
That’s piercing me from within.
I seem to want to cry out loud
And scream until someone would hear.
But my voice seemed muted
And my tears could not come out.

I’m having colds sweats.
And goosebumps pop out of my body.
My body started to shiver.
And I know it’s not because I’m cold.
I may not want to admit it but –
Yes, I’m terrified.

Why does those eyes kept on staring at me?
It’s as if it’s telling me something.
I have a feeling I knew it all along.
What it is, I could only wonder.
Is is something I need to know?
Or is it something I do not want to remember.

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  1. Whose eyes are those? THE EYES OF GOD? WTFWTF! 😮

    Srsly, this poem could pass for a song. Like pop or pop-rock, maybe? You just have to brush up on your grammar and whatnots. 🙂

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