Friend: you’re a stupid bitch
Euri: Thanks.
Friend: dammit
Friend: you’re even proud?
Friend: wtf
Euri: You’ve known me for years and you just found that out now?
Friend: you should stop that
Euri: Stop what?
Friend: dont play dumb with me
Friend: heck
Friend: What’re you going to do when you get fired because of that?
Euri: O_o
Euri: What the fuck?
Euri: You’re so noisy.
Euri: You’re not my mom, damn it.
Friend: i’ll kill myself if i have a daughter like you.
Euri: Oh?
Euri: Is that why you love me so much?
Friend: you’re so damn gay
Euri: Haha!
Euri: Does that mean, you do love me?
Euri: God, I’m traumatized.
Friend: gth
Friend: but seriously
Euri: Enough.
Friend: you should stop that.
Euri: I have the right to voice out my opinion in EVERY fucking way I wanted.
Euri: If they have something against it, I would want them to address it to me personally.
Friend: stubborn ass
Euri: …
Friend: what about school?
Euri: I gave that up.
Friend: why?
Euri: I chickened out.
Friend: /;)
Euri: I wanted to take the course.
Euri: But I would have to resign.
Euri: I thought of this really well, you know.
Euri: If I resigned and went back to study, there wont be any assurance that I would be successful in that field.
Euri: Also, there wont be any assurance that I could get a job there.
Euri: Considering how many people needs a job these days, I am already lucky to get one.
Friend: but if you sticked there
Friend: it would be like giving up on your dream.
Friend: are you that stupid?
Euri: Yes. I am.
Friend: it can’t be helped then
Friend: I hope someone would be brave enough to kick some sense into you
Friend: dumb ass


— edit —

For the sake of those who asked and will be asking, gth = go to hell.

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  1. It seems that you’re afraid to risk it all, scared to sacrifice your current, stable state for a life-long(?) dream. Um, yeah, that’s just chicken shit. But hey, whatever floats your flaming boat. 😕

  2. I’ve got a couple of friends with kind of the same situation as yours. They studied engineering and some graduated with the bachelors degree, but when the opportunity to work in a call center was presented to them, they sacrificed the degree and the board exam in favor of the sure shot job.

    They envy us because we have the license, but we envy them because they are already working and earning. We always tell them, once you’re an engineer, you’ll always be an engineer. They can’t stay forever in that job they have now. What then?

    Oh well, I’m blabbering too much. I forgot this is your blog. 😀 It all depends on you, Euri. “Kung saan ka masaya, suportaan ta ka.” 😀

  3. Sabagay, sayang nga yung naeearn mo, kala ko mag-aaral ka ulit e. Sabi nga ni Talamasca, whatever floats your flaming boat. Hehe.

  4. If that’s the case, I guess there’s only one way to go: stay where you are and go UP, UP, UP! Y’know, excel in your current field and all that. Best of luck. 🙂

    LOL @ joyfulchicken!

  5. It’s your decision, anyway. =)

    In a country where almost everyone is so curious about titles, it does not necessarily mean that your going to be successful once you graduate. hey, isn’ t that the top two richest people in the Philippines don’t have college diploma?


  6. well…… I hope this condoles (while it may seem sad)
    I gave up on my live long dream ;-; fuck, if I knew then what I know now I may not have bothered with college. But, Iam study wiht this degree in English (Tech. Comm) and looking at the job market I dont think I will really find work in that feild either ;-;

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