Level 5

I am planning to move out on my own. I guess, I’ve finally reached level 5 of my life. Only, I’ve reached it with 50/200 lifespan left of me. In real life, you wont get life bonus when you leveled up. You have to regain it yourself. So I guess, it can’t be helped. By the time I found an inn to crash on, my lifespan would regain to full life. By then, I’ll be all out with 100/100 full of mana as well! I’ll be rocking the world and head out for a new quest.

I’m very enthusiastic about this. ^_^/

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  1. Wow.don’t declare yourself as necromancer,necromancy has been banned along time ago,and the city guard will attack you instantly if they discovered that you are a vampire.That’s if you live somewhere in Tamriel (elder scrolls iv)…

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