Wisdom Teeth

A late bloomer, as I always am, I’m growing my third molars almost late and I only have a year left to grow them out or it’ll be really late. But for some freaking odd reason no one can explain to me properly, even my noob dentist, my third molars doesn’t grow out at all. But it hurst every freaking fucking time. D’=

I visited my dentist last 6 months ago or so to have my teeth cleaned. She said I’m growing out third molars (yes, to my luck, both of them at once) which she finds, at my age, rather late. She told me that most of her patients grow their third molars at age 17-20. Then around 2 weeks later, I went back to her to have her check up on my third molars because they hurts like hell. She asked me to have an x-ray to see how the third molars would grow because they might not grow out the usual straight way but diagonally which might be the one causing the pain. So I had the X-ray as soon as possible and gave her the resuls a week after. She said it’s normal and it’s bound to hurt that way. Considering that I already have a high tolerance for pain, and it’s really really painful, it’s definitely THAT painful. So then, I took those medicines she gave me (some hard core pain reliever) and the pain stopped for a bit.  But these days, it’s been hurting like hell again and I thought, why the fuck haven’t my third molars grew?! It’s been more than 6 months already! D’=

Now what do I do? Who do I beat up to make the pain go away?! D’=

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  1. It took years for all of my wisdom teeth to completely grow in. Mine started early (around 15) and finished late (around 20). They tend to grow (and hurt) a bit, then stop, then they’ll start up again when you’ve forgotten all about them. Darn things. One of mine actually never did grow in all the way – it got infected somehow and I ended having to have them all taken out.

    There’s really nothing you can do, except look for a way to relieve the pain (aspirin on the tooth, ambesol, etc.) OR find another dentist and get a second opinion. I have a high tolerance for pain too….except when it comes to my teeth and my stomach. So maybe it’s similar for you. You may think it’s hurting extra bad when it’s really about normal.

    Either way, good luck! I hope you can get some relief soon!

  2. Even if it hurts its good that they are growing in straight or else you have to get them removed which sucks.
    i had to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed since they all tried to growing in at right angles to the existing teeth.

  3. a little late indeed… with more wisdom, comes more responsibility… or is it great power?… same same.. 🙂

  4. Ade,
    Yeah, yeah. They’re freaking painful! Be scared and have tons of Mefenamic Acids ready. lol

    More like, more wisdom, more headaches. 😛

  5. That’s weird. My wisdom teeth showed up last year, and I’m younger than you. But yeah, it surely is painful. And I feel really bad for you since I know how it feels like. 🙁

  6. wala pa ata ako nyan.. sa totoo lang di ko alam ang mga bagay pagdating sa ngipin.. all I know is that when you have 3rd molar tooth,, it will cause you too much pain.. pero super 6 months na? awwttss… di na tumatalab ang pain reliever? you must go and see your dentist again.. 🙁 is that the reason why your asking me the lastime for ponstan?

  7. They can still remove your wisdom teeth if they have not completely grown in. Mine were inpacted (sp?) and they still managed to get them all.

  8. The Deranged Writer,
    That’s pretty normal. It usually grows from age 17-25. See? I did my research. It’s THAT painful. T____T

    Yup. =)
    That, and the usual periodic pain. FML! D=

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