I just read your email. I’m sorry if I’m just facing this issue now. I had more pressing matters to attend to than this. As you know, my father died. And this issue just had to appear at the exact same time.

Before all this, I knew there was something. I just didn’t know where and what exactly. I didn’t lie, I just kept it to myself. Choosing to shut up this time, is one of the wisest decisions I’ve made in my life. But I’ll have you know, I was never proud of it. It’s painful to keep things especially when you know that those things you’re keeping could really destroy another person’s heart.

I didn’t utter anything to anyone because I might end up being wrong and hurt other people who are also involve in this entire issue. And it turned out that I was really wrong. I believed you and was even trying to defend your side, in a way that I won’t come out offensive, to support your decision. I was trying hard to minimize the damage to preserve the friendship. But then, after all that, I would learn later on that you also had me fooled. What I thought were true and was trying my best to keep to myself were, in the end, just a bunch of lies too.

You know, I admire people who admits their own fault. I may not, or possibly may never will, know if what you’ve told us from your email were really true, this time, or just another bunch of lies again. But I’ve always believed in second chances. Even though I cannot grant this to you right at this moment, but I would still give you this benefit as a friend. But if you break this second glass, there will never be a third.

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