Enthusiast 3.1.5

I’ve finally converted my entire collective to Enthusiast 3.1.5! And by entire collective, I meant 100% of it is converted. Aside from the fact that I haven’t had the time to do so these past few months, even if I did, I’ve been lazy about it and just chose to watch random anime instead. XD

I’ve tried around Enthusiast 3 from another subdomain before finally moving everything. So you might’ve noticed a few errors here and there within a few specific fanlistings within this collective, that’s all due to the migration to 3.1.5. Converting this entire collective to enthusiast was tedious. For some reason, the Enth 2 to Enth 3 upgrade script only worked at 2 of my fanslitings and didn’t for the other 5, so I had to manually edit them though the database. Re-uploading each fanlisting’s affiliates too is mega tedious. But, I’m glad it’s all over~ x3

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