Happy Holloween to everyone! 😀 Please take this as a gift from me. I only ask you to link it back here at https://beyondeternal.com. Simply click the image and it will open to a new window. You could direct link from me if you want. Just copy the link there.

Click to copy.

My mom bought a Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana, Mexican Breed). I’m uncertain of it’s gender but I am ceratin that it is very kawaii! I post pictures of it next update! 😀 I’m very happy just looking at it. I feed it fresh vegtables and fruits. ^_^

For the bad news… I know my site had been down for a week, as much as I wanted to update this site, I couldn’t. This is due to my server upgrades and because of this immense upgrading, I’m a bit confused on the new things that occurred at my ftp. So I’ll get the hang of “what this and that for” for the mean time. I’m afraid updates to this site would take a bit long because I’m caught up with a lot of requirements to finish and our exams are approaching. And due to these reasons, I had decided to declare that this site will be on hiatus for the moment. I will get back to it as soon as possible. Feel free to roam around the site as you wish.

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