When everything you held on to
Crumbles like a sand castle at the beach,
I would rebuild your castle for you
Like a king who’s afraid of nothing,
Like a warrior who’ll give his everything.

When everything you treasure most
Slowly dies in front of you,
I would breathe life into them
Like some god from an unknown place,
Like some devil who haunts your soul.

When you close your eyes to run away
From the world that’s full of lies,
I would held you tight in my arms
Like a mother would with her child,
Like a lover filled with passion.

And at the end of the day
When you’re tired and needed rest,
I would lay your head gently and tuck you in
To a bed filled with the roses that you love,
And sprinkle tears to them everyday.

Soon, a day will come
When you would look back at me,
With the sweetest smile in your lips.
And whisper to my ears those gentle words
That you have rest peacefully.

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  1. Wow… This is beautiful Euri…
    For sure whoever inspired you this words is a lucky ‘blessed by the Gods creature… But most important even: you’ve created true beauty with your emotion.
    There’s no better gift in this life…

  2. Necrokael,
    Thank you, my lord. 🙂
    Death is always the most beautiful, for it is during these times that people show their true form.

    Of course I remember you. 🙂
    Well, I did write it in a romantic way. I’m romantic too, sometimes, I guess. But then, I’m in love with Death, therefore, I could only be romantic with Death.

    You are normal, it’s just that other people aren’t. =P
    In my eyes, you are still considered “normal.” Even for most people, it’s not normal, it’s just because their “normal” are composed of boring things.

    Hmm… “Essentials and selfishness,” is it? I simply think that choosing death to escape reality is a cowardly act. I’m not a Christian, so I wont preach godly things. Nor I’m a person with high moral, because I certainly have a different definition for morality. But, I do think that people who kill themselves doesn’t have the right to die. Just because they’re tired of everything doesn’t give them the justification to die. It irritates me that people take Death lightly as if it’s some leisure cruise to an unknown island. People who lived their life entirely, bearing their pains with them are those beautiful people who deserve death most of all. Because the true essence behind its beauty is only after layers of tears and pain coated it.
    A fabric that is beautiful on one side and stained with blood at the other, can’t be considered beautiful. A fabric is supposed to be woven beautifully in both sides.

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