HD Busted Again

My hard drive busted again. And guess what? Yeah, this time, everything went down with it. It’s really painful you see, for all those weeks, months, I’ve spent making those layouts, digital artworks, wallpapers, etc. with a blink of an eye, they went boom. Gone. Even the PSDs went down with it. What more can I say? Even if I spent an entire year complaining, I wont get it back would I? Of course not. It’s all because of a shitty HD. *sigh* I could still blog though since I’m using wordpress, but everything else besides blogging would have to hold until I could somehow manage to recover from this.

The following wont be updated for a while:

  1. Award Applications. This have to hold until I find time to make a new set of award images to give.
  2. Mind Twisters. I’ll find time and update it soon. This is the easiest since they are all unique rewards.
  3. Premade Layouts. I could get the Ethereal Beauty from my tabulas and Setting sun from dexter’s and I don’t know where the heck would I get the others. T_T
  4. Website Tools. I’ll go see if my brother still has them in his HD. If not, I have no other option but to just remove them or replace them with something else.

Questions are welcome.

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  1. I am so sorry Euri, I was a bit perplexed with those names. Didn’t mean it. Thanks for the link. I’ll do likewise asap. Good day!

  2. Sorry for the lost of your HDD and your hard work.. If u need help to recover ur hdd i’l be glad to help u in any way i can.. TC.

  3. uuuh sure it’s painful. Of course, awww if you need my helps, don’t hesitate to tell me i would very like to help you with my open hands XD. And about the banner, i can give you on next 3 days (maybeh) because i can’t predict when will i online. 🙁

  4. Euri-chan, that’s awful. I can live with a dern broken VC, but a broken HD? Okay, I just succeeded in making you feel worse, I’m sorry. 🙁 I hope I can help you, at least I can try to make you feel better. Just PM me or something. 😡

    Najo is sad, too. 🙁

  5. WAAAHHHHH!!!! That is sooooo sad!!!! T_T I know how it feel that’s why I’m taking care of my HD because I can’t afford to lose all og my files, especially my mp3s~~~

    Things would be better Euri. hugs

  6. i feel so bad for you. minsan nga eh kapag nawala yung files ko eh maiinis na lang ako eh syempre pinaghirapan ko. anyway hope you feel better now :]

  7. Hi Euri! Oh long time not been here. sorry about your hd. my hd also has been busted so many times. tama ka no matter how long we contemplate on that matter it will not be recovered anyway. let go and start a new, its not that easy i know but we have to deal with it.

  8. Shocks! That happened to me twice mygosh! i know how it feels. :O you’ll never know how much powerful a HD is until it controls your pc and never bring your files back again. Pfft. Hope you’ll recover from this soon.

  9. im sorry about your HDD. hope you’ll get over soon. 🙂 just cry it all over one night, the next day, everything will be fine. 🙂

    for how many years were you’re HDD in service?

  10. From time to time I’ve been paranoid of data loss, but (touch wood) to this day its never happened to me. How old are your drives?

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