Fanlistings for Adoption

As everyone knew, I own a few number fanlistings that I really really like. Now, I’m having them up for adoption because I can’t maintain them anymore with real life issues getting in the way. I’ll close those fanlistings that I do not get any application for in a month from now (that would be October 11, 2012).

I’m posting them here to give priority to friends who wanted to adopt them first. Since, again, I really really like them.

Fanlisings for adoption are the following: (will strike out if it’s already adopted)

  • Ohmi Tomu – listed under TAFL >  Mangaka
  • Vampire Hunter D  – listed under TFL > Literature; TAFL >  Series; TAFL > Movies/OVAs
  • Hecate – listed under TFL > Mythology/Religion > Mythology: Greek
  • Yoshiki (X Japan) – listed under TFL > Musicians: Male
  • GPKISM – listed under TFL > Musicians: Musicians: Bands/Groups
  • Maximum the Hormone –  listed under TFL > Musicians: Musicians: Bands/Groups

If you feel like adopting any of them, you can either:

  1. send me an email with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your URL
    • Fanlisting you wanted to adopt
  2. or leave a comment here

I’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

Last Update: 2012.09.25 17.25 (GMT+8)

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