Beyond Eternal [v15] The Dusk

New layout! Although it’s still not fully done. I can’t seem to fix the border lines right. sigh I’ll try to fix it though. I’ll add more stuff for the guest as well as put up new layouts I had coded when I find more time to upload them 🙂

Yes, the layout is familiar. I once used it for Takipsilim. 🙂 The last layout I had, before I transfered it to Najo. So far, next to the Melancholic Sonata layout I had last November 2004, this was my once of my favorites. Oh yes, they third one was the Another World layout which featured Gackt. :love:

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  1. hey.. nice layout.. cool.. i love its colors.. its signifies.. a person being free…flying and soaring..annd enjoying! hahah.. anyways.. belated merry xmas! happie new year too!

  2. YES!!
    I knew it was familiar. Takipsilim xD;
    thinks Melancholic Sonata was the layout you had when I first visited your site, ne? The tan-colored one with a guitar on it? v_v; And the Gackt one was the black one. xDD;

    8] I liked the shiny one with the girl on it [I know, so descriptive].

    WELL anypoo. Just dropping by. I like this layout =]

  3. <a href=””” rel=”nofollow”>

    Your New Year’s Greeting Girl! ^_^ Luv ya sis!

  4. Hi Euri! Been a long time since I blog hopped. Changed my blog na naman 🙁 andyan sa links =P hehe. TC!

    (Coding WP is very tedious, ne? ^_^;;; )

  5. why are all the pictures ‘i’m an evil bandwith thief’??? i can’t see what they’re talking about(butterflies, sunsets, and fall)… ???

    anyway, happy new yr!

  6. Hey euri, wow cool new layout, I remember this layout from takipsilim. Also just wondering why under the top image I see ads from google O_o.

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