A Violent Reaction

There are times where a girl’s got to say, what a girls got to say. It’s been irritating me for days and I just need to get this off me. This is my reaction to that certain hate mail directing to the post when Sam Milby’s sexuality was “questioned”.

If you are a Sam Milby fan, and you intend to react at my reaction, please do all of us a favor and get your butt out of here in peace!

So what if Sam Milby’s sexuality was questioned. Gawd. Every single men with a pretty face and nice body gets their sexuality questioned. It’s a part of being popular. If people can’t take it when he’s being questioned with regards to his sexuality, what more if someone asked him, “Do you think you deserve to sing?” It would be too much insulting is it?

i think that who ever is trying to dirt on a very talented, intelligent and **hardworking**,beautiful inside and out person like Sam Milby;

Hate mail! LOLz! by Miss Diss

Okay, let’s stop at that. Firstly, it’s a good thing you tried emphasizing the word, “hardworking” because as I can see it, he is indeed hardworking – trying so hard to sing. Regarding his intelligence, I can’t tell, since I haven’t talked to him. And of course, I have my violent reactions to your statement with regards to his talent. If Sam Milby is your baseline to define someone who is talented, what do you call Sarah Geronimo then? Talented beyond definition? Seriously, are you by any chance, deaf or do you have problems hearing things? Have you heard his songs? Gawd! Does he really intend to continue that singing career and make our ears bleed?

Talent, isn’t only limited to singing. Let’s go with the dancing. Can you honestly tell me he can dance? Or better yet, acting. Have you seen him act? And why would a person try to get attention by questioning Sam’s sexuality, anyway? His sexuality isn’t all that important. In all honesty, would you even get popular by asking some obvious question like, “Is Sam Milby gay?” And lastly, it’s not because he says he’s not, he is not. What if I say, “I was there when Jose Rizal was killed.” Would you honestly believe that I actually saw Jose Rizal got shot? Geez, for crying out loud, get real.

I have nothing against Sam Milby personally (but I am totally against him singing!) nor I insists he’s gay. The point is, would you stop those kind of shitty hate mails? They’re annoying and pointless.

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  1. Public scrutiny is the price for being on the limelight. But what really fascinates me is the intent and motivation behind these criticisms. Why would people give such a big fuss with a celebrity’s sexual orientation? Hidden envy? I’m-not-a-homo validation? Scorn for dishonesty? The good ol’ crab mentality? Psychological projection of the very thing one despises on his/her very self?

    Human nature fascinates me. Selfish genes…

  2. Okay lang yan, diyan kumikita ang Showbiz talkshows. And dagdag din yan sa publicity. Yun nga lang, hindi siya ganun kagaling sumagot and/or gumawa ng alibi. I still prefer the honest I-am-open-with-my-sexualty statement by Gackt. It makes me love him more because he “might” be gay. <3 <3

  3. So what if Sam Milby is homosexual? The real question is “Does he have talents?” Hindi sa pagigiing bakla o kung ano pa man nasusukat ang pagiging talented. The problem… wala siyang talent. Na star-struck lang kasi ang mga tao (lalo na ang mga babae) kasi sa kanya kaya sumikat siya, kahit na wala talaga siyang talent. I hope wala nang mga kamukha niya ang susunod pa sa kanya, but it does not look like that now that Kuya’s house will reopen this Sunday.

    “I – never – said – that – I LOVE YOU!” (Sam as JB in Maging Sino ka Man.

  4. the entertainment industry is run by the what we called third sex. for as long as they entertain, its fine.

    Gays and Lesbian has gone a long way, another shot at Sam, if he is, won’t matter much.

  5. I never thought about questioning Sam Milby’s gayness, uhm, I mean, sexuality. So what, so what, so what. It’s pointless. But I enjoy reading negative comments thrown his way because I don’t like him (I’m sorry, but eww?!). But what’s even more pointless is actually trying to defend him. What the…?! Stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do!

    That’s one of the most irritating (IMHO lang ha) thing that in the Filipinos: obsessing over celebrities. Blah blah. Yeah, I hate “pretty boys.” I do not like Sam at all not just because he’s “good-looking (yuck), but because he doesn’t have talent. Ngumiti na lang siya ng exag na ngiti niya. A lot of good that did him.

    I commend Miss Diss for the post. I haven’t visited her blog in ages. Hmm….

  6. @ Christian ~
    In Philippine showbiz, you don’t need talent because “talent” is just another word in the dictionary. All you need are good looks, great body and a huge amount of sex appeal. When they can make huge profits from posting your face all over the streets, and all you can see in TV is your beautiful self, you are, therefore, talented.

    @ Edwin ~
    Third sex is the new generation of humans. Third sex rules!

    @ Shari ~
    You’re so bad, sister. So bad that I love it! <3 But, I love pretty boys. Not the Sam Milby type, though.

  7. Ako hindi ko tlg naisip na magtaka sa sexuality niya though nun mga first times i saw him out ng.. pinoy big brother ba un? not sure im no fan of it i dont watch much of TV either i thought. he looks gay! LMAO! pero to thik he really is one is out of it.. alam ng showbix kung ano ang impact niya sa gurls sooo may talent man o wala go pdn sila ng go! and his so called killer smile doesnt attract me LOL

  8. though … hmmm id rather question uma’s sexuality than sam’s hahahha! But i still believe Sam’s not a gay …

    and yes you’re absolutely right, every guy with a pretty face and body gets their sexuality questioned. I have an uncle who suffered from that long time ago, and just because he’s very neat and OC (and of course with a very pretty-like-a-woman’s-face), the chismosas never stopped spreading false accusations about him … oh well.. buhay nga naman.. 😉

  9. ahh,, what the hell,, gay or not,, he’s not much of a singer, i reckon,, if u really think of it,, in my opinion kaya lng nmn nabibili ung album nya is becoz of his pretty face,, not really because of his voice,, hehe,, peace,, 🙂

  10. I also have nothing against Sam Milby personally, but I INSIST that he’s gay. I also insist that more people should write hate mail because that would be awesome.


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