It Simply Died

Two hearts
That cared so much.
Two minds
that never met.

We kept on stumbling.
We kept falling.
More and more,
Again and again.

We stood up each time
And stumbled again.
Until both of us
Were wounded all over.

Too much pain
For our hearts to bear.
Too much tears
For us to hide.

Our hearts
Suffered long enough.
Our love
It simply died.

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  1. Whoa! Shakespeare, is that you? 8)

    Anyway, aside from the delivery, I dig the symmetrical aspect of the poem. Good job.

  2. waaaoiii
    pangilan lipat mo na yan?
    mga kelan mawawala?
    cgecge, back up na ako.. basta info mo aq pag talagang malapit na ha…

  3. aww… that poem hurts… but aside from heartaches and post-valentine thingies… Imma nominate you sa phil blog awards if no one has done it yet… and ill vote for you… I still read your blog for some reason nahihiya lang ako magcomment… hehe… anyway, blogging mode ulit ako… im not just sure for how long i can sustain this…

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