Annnnd… I finally hit the 28th mark, today. Nothing much going on except that I gained another year to my age. I still have my life frozen at age 21 although in reality, I’m actually getting old.

I started the day with Google that greeted me with a birthday banner this morning. I never knew Google does this, until today.


And as usual, my batch of birthday fan signs from friends. As most of you know, I’m a notorious fan signs collector and friends sends me birthday signs each year.

Mica Ralph Mumble Idj Angus James KC and Carla Baby Reese Marlon Orly

Since I always count the start of my “real” year on my birthday, this year, hopefully, I’ll have more patience and an even more open mind. I’ll try to maintain good vibes as much as I can. And I wish for a good health!

That’s as far as I can go, don’t ask too much from me like wanting to actually see a 3D real-life boyfriend or something. It’s kinda on the borderline of impossible as of yet. I’d rather stick to 2D and electronic boyfriends. They’re the best, less hassle, and they don’t complain or go emo on you too much! XD

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