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For those requesting me for SMS, I don’t want any of them anymore so please stop sending me more. They’re spamming my e-mail and it annoys me. I had enough spams spamming my mail everyday. And since I’m at it, please do not send me invites to H5 as well. I already had a Friendster account, and honestly, I just had one to stop people from bugging me about it.

It’s been a long week for me. And still, the usual thing goes on everyday for me, can’t hardly get myself to sleep, I wake every 2 hours for no reason, get to myself to sleep again and wake again after approximately 2 hours; take a bath; eat my brunch; go to school; enters class late; wait for 3 hours for next class; get to next class; go home; eat dinner; get myself to sleep… On and on life is just the plain ‘dull’ life for me. My hands, gets weaker with each passing day. My face, paler; my eyes, deeper, darker. And my blood, it doesn’t taste like the a bit salty blood I had – it taste like rust now. At this moment, I couldn’t even carry a single glass of water even with two hands and they grew colder and weaker too. I’ll get rest. I’ll blog again sometime.

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