Pao and Issa’s Wedding

The other night, we went to boss Pao’s wedding. The wedding was at Shrine of Jesus, Pasay and the reception was at Fr. Blanco’s Garden, Intramuros. Not into so much details on it but to simply put it, it was great.

Here are pictures taken from the wedding:

Bride and Groom
Issa and Pao
The Bride and Groom.

The Venue
Fr. Blanco’s Garden, Intramuros

Click to view larger image (opens in a new window).
DTW People
Rd, Myke, Marlon, Seng, Pao, Issa, Moi, Archie, Jason

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  1. Uy wedding. Yung last na wedding na napuntahan ko yata uyng sa friend ng Mama ko and I was just 5 years old. Flower girl pa ako nun 😀

  2. O_o Wowies, those are some lovely pictures. And the bride and groom look wonderful together, kudo’s for them ^^ I have NEVER been to a wedding c____c I dont even see myself having one lol XD

  3. woooowwww!!! the reception loookkkksssss great!! congrats to the two of them!! =) they look sooo good together!!

  4. awa those pics are lovely but whats very strange isI just came back from a wedding myself and it was yesterday lol!it was my first wedding but for me it was crap lol yours looks much better!

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