New Work

This is my second week at my new company. I haven’t really even started working for real yet, but somehow, I’m already getting depressed about several things. In general though, everything’s cool and fun. I love the people. My team especially. There are just some little things that makes me depressed. Perhaps I just needed to adjust a bit more. That and I needed a little more peace of mind and some kind of spiritual mojo to get the vibe right.

Work will probably start soon, too, when our boss gets back from his vacation. I can’t wait to start my actual work. I hope I could manage to live up to people’s expectations of me, work-wise. It’s a department I felt I wasn’t able to meet, or at least I thought so, in my previous job.

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  1. Starting a new job is always hard. I hate it actually. Every time I start i keep thinking, I wish I had been here for a few months so I can work without having to keep asking questions or get help BLEH. Good luck with it!

  2. Hey, it’s been a couple of weeks now, so, I hope you’re feeling better at your new job! I hate starting new job, mostly because I’m socially awkward and have the hardest time getting to know people… But oh well, hope you’re enjoying it more now 😀

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