Beyond Eternal 10th Anniversary!

It’s Beyond Eternal’s 10th anniversary! Yay! o/

(I’ll make a decent anniversary image gift later.)

Edited 2013.11.19 15.03:
Click and take the gift! It’s hosted in my Picasa, so yes, you can link to it directly. 😀


Actually, it was the other day (November 15th).  I was so busy at work that I totally forgot about it. I just remembered now, because I was trying to update my blinkies collection. (^_^;)

Leave me some love, guys! ?

And! Here are the obligatory fan signs! 😀

I love getting fan signs from my goddaughter, Daenerys! ? I’ll give you dragon eggs as present when you get older! :3
My friend Glen. He’s also for sale. 😀
Thanks Morgan!
Thank you Siren!

And of course, a cleavage sign! XD

Thank you Misa!

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  1. Congrats on keeping your site up for ten whole years!!! That’s amazing! 😀 And it’s totally cool about the tag board, I accidentally spamed your guestbook as well. ^^;
    I’m so glad you remember me. I ended up closing Totally Obsessed in 2007 because Satsuki wanted a break from it and I was also very busy with school. Then I tried to re-open it in 2009, but ended up closing it again due to being very busy in the real world. But now, I have more time so I want to re-build the site. (sorry this comment is so long ><)

  2. Now I KNOW for sure that it was your blogs I was reading a few years ago lol. If I’m not mistaken you are a fellow pinay 🙂 And we might have been affiliates before when I still had my old old domain ( – anyways congrats on marking the 10th year! More to come of course! God Bless!!

  3. WOW! Congrats, on 10 years! That’s amazing! I have had four sites in the past two years, hoping my new site will be the last of moving around.

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