Be blinded by  my newly made WordPress theme that is GREEN! I made that theme for kuya Jay, btw.

prompt prompt2

Yes, that super green theme was on purpose. It’s supposed to give you a geeky kind of feeling that is “prompt,” seriously. It’s modeled after a prompt screen, obviously. The MS prompt’s usual black and white is boring.

This is also my third one-column layout. I’m loving the structure of it. I guess I just got used to the usual 2 column layout. I coded it using the old style WordPress theming – yes, not widget. I might recode it later and add the widget feature. But as of now, that’s that.

You can temporarily see the working layout at my guinea pig blog until I could find a better place to move it to. XD

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  1. ei euri, help naman
    di ba gawa tong site sa wordpress?
    pano ko gagawin na ganito din yung akin?

    yung akin kase ginawa ko lang lahat ng coding… eh, matrabaho masyado kung ganun…

    or ganun din ginawa mo?

  2. wow kinda reminds me of Fallout 1 and 2 ^^ the color of the dialogues as well as the name of items on that game is green yesh geeky green ^,..,^

  3. Trelumas,
    Yes, WordPress powered po itong blog ko. Lahat po ng WordPress themes ko made from scratch. What do you mean by “pano ko gagawin na ganito din yung akin?” That question is a bit vague.

    There’s a Fallout 3 na! LOL! My office mates are having a frenzy over it. xD

  4. ahhh
    onga e
    ganito nlng…kase yung page ko, sarili kong code gawa,php… ung mga entries, tagboard, etc… eh db mtrabaho mxdo yun?
    (dqp inuupload yun)

    so, pano ko gagawin na “ready made” na…

  5. Trelumas,
    Linawin ko lang ha…

    1. So meron kang web page. Itong page ba na ito eh layout ba? As in HTML coded na design?
    2. Ang itinatanong mo pa eh kung papaan mo gagawing WordPress theme yung layout na nagawa mo na?

    3. Ano yung “dqp”?

    Kapag online ka sa YM, try mo akong i-chat. Kung online ako, mag-rereply ako. Naka-invisible lang ako palagi.

  6. ehehe…nasanay ako sa text eh…ehehe
    “dqp” = di ko pa

    hirap ako explain

    Hindi po yung design or theme… yung coding… since wordpress to, ibig sabihin ba eh ready made na yung scripts for adding entries, tagboard, comments, etc.?

    yung tipong magtatype ka na lang at posted na yung entry mo… kase yung akin, pinrogram ko pa yung pag add ng post, edit ng post, delete ng post, comments, etc…

    yung parang mga blogspot, livejournal, etc…

    kaso sa mga yun ata hindi mo kontrolado lahat?
    napansin ko kase dito eh, kontrolado mo (?)

    gaya ng may tagboard, side panel links, header navigation (profile, affiliates, etc.), etc… eh diba sa mga blogspot, livejournal wala nun (?) isa page lang siya

    sensya kung masyado mahaba… err.. sana may sense na itong sinusulat ko… @___@

  7. Yeah this one is looking much better compare to your last theme. But I think there is some room to get it better.

    You should hire someone who is good at designing wordpress template.

    Still you are loosing one inch to either side.

  8. Trelumas,
    Merong codex and wordpress. Use that for the templating system. Yung tagboard ko, I wrote that scrip myself, though. ^^ The easiest way na ma-i-su-suggest ko sayo is to download a theme, then just dissect the coding. That’s how I learned making themes. 🙂

    You can still send me a message over ym when you’re online. 🙂

    Compared to my last theme? I never posted my last theme. As far as I know, this is the first theme I posted. XD

    Why would I hire a designer if I, myself, is a designer?

    Err.. It’s supposed to be a one columned layout. Why would there be a one inch off at the side? XD

  9. ayun…
    nagkaintindihan na din tayo

    nagpakahirap pa ako magcode sa lahat… @___@
    meron naman palang ganito

    cgecge, subukan ko pag-aral to…@___@;;;

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