Kisu Yori Mo Hayaku

Kisu Yori Mo Hayaku I’m actually quite happy to announce that we at Eien no Shoujo, a shoujo scanlation group (of course I would be a part of it! Shoujo = Smut! =P) has been granted with a join project of Kisu Yori Mo Hayaku with Intercross and Serenus Dreamers. We’ll be starting with Love 03 (or chapter 03). We’ll be releasing it soon, so watch out for it at Eien no Shoujo’s website or IRC Channel.

Kisu yori mo Hayaku falls under comedy, romance, school life shoujo and Tanaka Meca is the mangaka. To be honest, this is the first manga I’m reading from this author so I can’t tell you anything about his previous works.

Kisu Yori’s story revolves around a girl named Fumino who lost her parents in an accident. She and her little brother, Teppei, kept moving from one relative to another until she grew tired and run away. Then, her teacher came to their rescue and wanted to take care of both of them but she refused and on a whim and said that she would agree only if he marries her. And he agreed immediately. But was it just on an impulse? Now you can enjoy a thrilling marriage life between a teacher and a young wife of a student~ <33

From Maa-kun, with Love

I actually quit being an editor because I’m busy IRL. I only do proofreading and quality checking in full time and a few sidelines on editing once in a while. When Kiatsu went up to me and said she needed help on typesetting a series for ENS’s joint, I thought that I was typesetting an interesting manga until that moment I saw Teppei yelling “Buncha!” with pompoms on his hands. Kyyaaaa~~~!! <33 He’s so cute!! And then, I decided to edit again! =P (Yey for Teppei!) Okay, fine. My driving force to edit is measured on how cute the character is. Whatever. But as everyone knows, I have requirements for editing too – (1) I wanted smexy bishonen, (2) I prefer seinen manga, (3) it should be either a smut or ecchi. Without any one of those, I’m not editing. But this is an exception since Teppei is cute and Maa-kun and Ryuu-kun could pass as a smexy bishonen too. XD

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  1. Hahahah XD Euri-chan~ I feel the same way for editing it~ but for Maa-kun~ <333 Lol

    Wai! We’re releasing Chapter 03 today! Stay put! <333

  2. Interesting story! Anyway, I love your blog. Very intelligent, thoughtful writing. I’m curious; how many languages do you speak/read/write? I think I counted three… four in your writing? o____O

    Oh yes, I’m a goth/punk-loving atheist as well.


  3. Oooh, i used to be super addicted to Shoujo smut. XD I frequented Shoujo Magic all the time! This looks really interesting. I remember I was totally addicted to Darling Wa Namamono ni Tsuki, by Yuki Yoshihara — it’s about newlyweds naman, so almost all of the sex is romantic and in the context of marriage. Plus the manga s really funny. Kinda like Dharma and Greg. 😀 I put up a fanlisting for it, kaya lang I closed it down because of some server problems and a lack of interest (wala na kasing bagong installments yung manga).

  4. Uwaahhhh!! Another Filipino editor. 🙂 It’s so great to discover Filipinos involved in scanlation. 8D

  5. I’m actually into these stuff now (after years of bitching about them, heh), so I’ll go check it out and be a fan myself. Hahaha

    I think people like you are awesome. I just can’t imagine myself doing something like this, have a job, blog, and basically have a life. My one-track mind is an utter failure when it comes to multi-tasking. ^_^ Good luck though!

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