Beyond Eternal’s Finally Back!

Beyond Eternal has been out for more than a month, and now it’s back! Hopefully, it wont go down again sometime soon. Hopefully.

I had hosting and then, later on, DNS problems for a while. I’ll skip the details of it, so anyway, I’m back.

I was at my Blogger blog while my domain was down for a month, some of you probably already know this. And yes, the blog still changes its name every once in a while. XD

Here are the recaps from the past month and so:

Feb 26th – After Beyond Eternal went down, I moved my collections to my bat cave, It’s a website I use for temporary projects and such.

March 9th – I joined LJ’s Easter Basket eventIt’s an LJ community of gift giving to friends or random people who also joined the same community. My Easter basket is here, if you wish to send me gifts for easter.

March 11 – I started a Free Monthly Siggie where you can request a different sigtag (or blinkie) from me each month.

March 12 – I filled other people’s Easter Baskets.

March 20 – And then, Mana-sama’s birthday came.

March 21 – As well as my 3rd year in the company.

March 25 – And then, my own birthday came. I’m 29th this year.

March 26 – Because I wanted to do something special for my birthday this year, I gave away my tumblr account to Mako, she was thrilled to have, of which I loved so much myself.

March 28 – That same week, I started packing up my stuff and moved out of my old apartment. I haven’t had a moving out post yet, except that one short post I did.

April 1 – I skipped the April Fool’s Joke this year because I’m not in any mood for it. On the other hand, I got accepted as a maker at Gothiic Charm. It’s a graphic community in LJ that centers around gothic and dark graphics. Graphics are mostly sigtags, icons and blinkies. I’ve been a member for a while and I love it there.

April 2 – I’ve put up April’s Free Siggie.

As of current, I’m updating the old pages that were supposed to be updated while the site was down. I’ll probably get it done in a day or two.

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  1. Hey. it’s fine. ^_^ since you let me know. I’ll add your button to the new site soon.

  2. Ah, I was wondering what was going on with your site for a while, but I kept checking back to make sure you hadn’t closed for good. I didn’t think you actually would do so, but I just kept on checking back anyway :3 I love the idea of your little (but big) collection site, that reminds me of my toybox and sigtag sections, I might combine them both one day but I haven’t decided yet, either, oh well XD

    That easter basket thing sounds adorable and fun ~ I’ll have to check it out and add you on Livejournal as I have a private journal over there, myself!

  3. Sorry this is so late. I meant to respond to this blog earlier. I have been so busy in RL lately. And my computer completely died on me. Luckily, I was able to buy a new one. : D
    Welcome back! I’m glad you could get this site back up. 🙂

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