The Road

I walked a thousand steps yet I still haven’t found my way out. I started to wonder, as few thoughts went through my mind – Will I find my way or will I be stuck in this cold lonely place all my life? Will I ever find the light I was looking for or will I forever be hidden in this darkness? Will I ever find the light I was looking for or will I forever be hidden in this darkness? Will this road lead me to a new life or to the end of my own? Keeping these thoughts somehow gave me an uncertain feeling of having my hopes up and drowning myself in despair at the same time. While in this uncertain feeling, I started to walk again a few hundred steps. After, I grew weary of walking and rest a bit. A few hours later, I saw someone walking the same path I was in. I asked him if he knew the way out. He said no. We walked together until we saw the road splits to two. We stopped at the middle of the road. I asked which road would he take and gave him the idea that I chose the right one. I felt sad when he replied that he would take the left path. I asked if he could come with me, but he refused. He told me that he needed to take the left one to follow his dreams. I understand what he had been meaning to say, so I said goodbye. I walked another thousand steps met another companion, and reach another half-split road. This time, I chose the left one and my friend stayed. Again, we walked pass through 2 more half-split roads, meeting new more companions along the road. And when we reached more half-split roads, one by one, we separated. Until the very last companion I had, left, taking the opposite road I chose. After, again a half-split road was in front of me. This time, I don’t know which way must I take to reach my goal. So, I went back a few hundred steps and tried to return to where I came from. Realizing that I couldn’t go back anymore, I went back to the half-split road. Unfortunately, the road didn’t change. I was then too afraid of choosing which road to take so I went back again and again thinking that the road would somehow recourse itself. But it didn’t. I spent too much time going back and forth the road I had taken until I realized that it doesn’t matter which road I take, what matters is how will I face the consequences of choosing that road and how strong will I hold on when the greatest of storms came my way while in that road.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Hate it? We all do. But, we must make decisions no matter how painful it is for us to move on. Taking them would lead us to sacrifice what we held most dear. Decisions if not made in time would result to even greater pain, lost opportunity and time, wasted effort, and more sacrifices to be made. One of the greatest lessons I had learned. One, that will never be taken off me…

A friend once told me, “Sacrificing without the feeling of deep pain inside isn’t a sacrifice at all. That’s why it is called a ‘Sacrifice’, it needs a great a mount of tears and pain to be healed.”

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  1. Hmmm… I see it is somewhat similar to my entry. But not totally, I see you are walking the road of your life. We all are. But I am choosing between two major course. Not just a choice to go on with mi life. I havent reach the fork of my road yet. I’m still far from it. I’m just getting my self ready when I finnaly reach this fork road in my life.

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