You know, yaya calls me Ate 小妹 (Xiao Mei / Sho Be). Hearing it makes me go O_o every single time.

小妹 means younger sister in Chinese.
Ate means elder sister in Tagalog.

When she says it like that, it’s like she’s calling me “elder sister younger sister”.

It sounds so weird.

Maybe she thought 小妹 was my name because everyone calls me 小妹 at home.

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  1. Yaya calls me “Ate Sho Be”. Sho Be in Chinese, means ‘little sister’. Therefore, it’s like she’s calling me, “Ate little sister”.

    It sounds so weird because you’re called both older sister and little sister at the same time.

    Do you get it now?

  2. Pero kahit naman sinong umupo, ganun din naman ang mangyayari eh. They are all the same.

    You can say that again. Crime can never be cannot done when you’re a politician. Hey, that sounds cool ❗ Appears like a wrong grammar though. And oh, how old is yaya by the way?

  3. I just remembered: my friends found it weird (in a good way) that I also get affectionately get called ‘bunso’ at home even though I’m the ate πŸ™‚

  4. And oh, how old is yaya by the way?

    Yaya is just 17. ^_^’

    Maybe you should tell your yaya about this.

    I did. I told her not to call me that. She now calls me with my given name. πŸ˜†

    I also get affectionately get called ‘bunso’

    Ah, really? I also get called bunso wherever I go. :lmao:

  5. a chinese atheist!? cool… i like it.. πŸ˜‰

    i remember my friends, na mag syota, both half chinese, call me sioti.. i call them aya and atsi!! πŸ˜‰ sayang wala na kaming communication mula nang mag break sila.. πŸ™

  6. xiao mei means little beauty right? [: are you chinese?

    Eh? No. I did write the Chinese characters for it, right?

    ? Means little sister. While on the other hand, ? means beauty. They may both sound the same, but they are not pronounced the same. In Chinese, pronunciation of words very important. Likewise, it doesn’t mean that the word are written the same, and pronounced the same, they mean the same thing. You also have to consider how they are used.

    It’s like in English too. Take the word ‘anxious’ for example. anxious means both exited/eager at one point and could also mean disturbed/distressed at another. It depends on how you used it in a sentence, correct? It’s just like that.

    And yes, I am Chinese.



    Nani? Nani? ^_^

  7. Oh, that. That person’s Dora. I hate that one. I don’t even have the bit of enthusiasm to just plainly talk to her. X-P

  8. Your maid’s age corresponds to her mindset. She has a lot of things to learn about you and your family. Not that acquaintance thing like people who meet for the first time usually do, it’s that she has to get used to some things in the house. Good thing you told her right away what you want to be called, for you might get nuts being called Sho Be. Lol.

    You’re Chinese? Cool. I’ve been meeting a few Chinese here in my school lately and it’s a good thing we get along pretty well.

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