Double Quotes

You people know how annoying it is to go to a forum/blog/whatever with a lot of double quoting going on! Geez! Why can’t people just learn how to quote once instead of quoting a quoted quote that was already quoted a thousand times! When you need to read something, like some important discussion going on, you’ll have to keep scrolling down the page, stop to read a few lines of reply to the post and then scroll down a lot again just to read the next reply. This is why I didn’t installed any of the Quote Comment and Threaded Comments plugins because it would only let me plant something I do not want to harvest – that’s the endless quoting in this blog. Since I didn’t installed them, lazy people (such as I) would just reply instead of quoting a quoted quote. But then again, if you wanted to, you could try those two plugins, they are great!

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  1. Ang hirap magbasa ng naka double quote. Minsan hindi mo alam kung sino yung nagquote sayo o sino yung nirereplyan at saka yung sa comments na quote.. paliit ng paliit yung space habang may reply ng reply. Hehe

  2. true… mahirap nga ung basahin ung double quotes…

    i tried to clear my cache na pero its still the same eh.. i do have serious problems with my pc kaya i’ll just wait to buy a new one… but it’s taking me forever… hayyyyy…

  3. Heeeeeelllllooo!!!
    Omgzorzxx! I love your picture right there points to navigation and right there points to gravatar You’re so pretty x3;;
    Anyway LATE happy new year even though I already wished you an EARLY happy new year. But I wasn’t online on the first DAY of new year so I couldn’t really wish you an on-time one. So yesssses. ;D
    Loveeee youu!
    Oh and that quoting within a quote thing. Yes. That can get kind of annoying but then again you can read the whole thing if someone is talking to another something and they quote the quotes that they quoted of their quotes. Hahaha XD;;

    But yeah it is kind of gay. o_o; Well. Toodleeees! :]~

  4. Though i don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m still commenting cuz i wuv you that muc sis!

  5. yes burn the bloody quoting to hell aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahem any ways just passing by lol
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (excuse the language)

  6. [<a href=””” rel=”nofollow”>link]

    happy new year!

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